Top Things Good Business Managers Must Not Do

Running a medium-sized or large business requires good manager to keep everything running well. A good manager is not just telling people what to do, but actually improve the team’s performances by keeping them motivated and using their skills to optimum level. However, not everyone is a good manager, and many (even including you) have made mistakes that hinder the business’ success.


Business Manager Mistakes to Avoid

Many potential businesses are brought into ruin not because lack of money, but bad management and managers. Here are business managers mistakes you should avoid to make sure your business is success:

  • Not being proactive of issues or potential conflicts.
Many bad managers have this bad habit of sweeping potential issues and conflicts under the floor, hoping that they will go away if the managers just ignore them. However, this will just make the problems brew and finally explode into something bigger. Good managers must be aware of potential problems, and provide preventive interventions that are the best for all.

  • Make everything priority.
Busy team is good, but a team that works on everything without clear task directions and priority lists is more likely to fail. Bad managers tell every team member that all tasks are top priorities, making it hard for their teams to actually achieve goals.

  • Too much micromanagement.
One of the most popular business managing tips is “do not micromanage,” and for good reasons. Micromanagement is not just stressing for everyone, but it is also a sign that you cannot trust your own team members. People who work under such managers cannot use their own skills and abilities to bring the best of their efforts, and they will also feel undervalued.

  • Do not listen to team members.
Your team members need to know that their views and opinions are valued for the business’ success. Failing to do this will result in employees or team members feeling unmotivated, which will decrease their performance and halt the efforts to achieve the goals. Managers who refuse to listen or feel that their team members’ voices are worthless will not get the best from their team members.

  • Not being transparent.
There are business managers who refuse to be transparent, especially about important information or issues, will experience difficulties because of the employees’ trust issues. Good managers must know the difference between actual confidential information and important information that must be shared.

  • Not knowing the employees.
Knowing here does not mean that all managers must be counselors or therapists for the employees. However, having healthy relationship with the employees or team members will make a manager likeable and respected, and in the end, making communication and positive atmosphere better.

Being a good manager is not just about certificates or the business’ size. It is about balancing all your acts and relationship with the team members, so you can be more listening, open-minded and trustful, in addition of being professional, discipline, and full of integrity. A good business manager is the one that creates positive working environment, to make everyone achieves their full potential and does his or her best.

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