Tips to Control Alcohol Drinking at Parties

People who drink responsibly usually keep healthy drinking habit every day. However, with the coming of Christmas and New Year, you probably will hold parties or get invited to one. Alcohol can be a problem at such events, especially if you are among friends, where the pressure for drinking is usually bigger. Many people who usually drink responsibly become too loosen up in a party, and drink too much. However, if you want to keep healthy drinking habit, you must know how to control yourself at parties.


How to Keep Healthy Drinking Habit at Parties

Depending on how you spend Christmas and New Year, you must remember that you have choice to be responsible, even though the situation presents many temptations to break the healthy habits. Here are responsible drinking tips you can apply when the party season comes closer:

  • Limit the alcohol serving in your party. If you are the one who holds the party, limit the alcohol and prepare other alternative drinks like water, orange juice, and soda. You can count 4 to 5 small glasses of alcohol for each guest.

  • State that your party is non-alcoholic, and the guest should not bring alcohol. Or, if you want to loosen it up a bit for the sake of your guests, limit the alcohol each guest can bring, such as just one bottle per guest (count paired guests as one bottle).

  • Choose non-drinking parties or hang out with light drinkers. If you are the type of person who gets lots of party invitations, you can choose ones that do not serve alcohol. Or, if you still want to do healthy drinking at parties, hang out with light-drinker crowds to prevent yourself from getting carried away in the celebration.

  • Control yourself when being nostalgic. A group of old friends or acquaintances who gather for nostalgic conversations can get carried away easily in drinking. Always keep your head clear when in the middle of such conversation, and just touch the rim of your glass with lips every time someone asks for a toast.

  • Only visit the family in the morning. If your family has drinking habit, and everyone in the extended families is invited, you better visit them in the morning. It is usually easier to get carried away when drinking in the middle of family members. Therefore, visit them only in the morning or afternoon, when drinking is usually not as much as evening party.

The trick of touching your glass rim with lips can also be done if you are invited to a party where making toast is a part of the culture.

Avoid Drinking by Making Your Own Celebration

If you are just recovering from alcoholism, or if you feel that you will not be able to avoid drinking, make your own celebration for the next Christmas and New Year. Have a more private event with your spouse, your children, or your closest friends, since fewer people means smaller pressure to drink. Remember, healthy drinking is not just about reducing the drink, but also reducing the temptation and controlling your appetite for alcohol.

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