Healthy Christmas Gifts under $100 for Women

Christmas is coming, and with the raging health trend nowadays, you may want to buy healthy gifts for your family members or friends who pay attention to their health. However, some of you may think that health-related gifts are either super expensive or not interesting. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of healthy lifestyle, health-related businesses and stores now have interesting gifts for active women; many of them are available for just under $100.

Best Healthy Gifts for Women

Whether it is for your mother, wife, girlfriend, sibling or friend, here are great, healthy Christmas gifts for women if your budget is strained:

  • Stylish sporty items. Many women who love sports also like wearing their sport accessories and clothing items, but many of these fashion products are not always great to wear outside the gym. Luckily, there are many stylish sporty items such as pants, sneakers, flats and t-shirts that look both sporty and trendy even when you wear them outside the gym. Crane & Lion, for example, sells lots of cheap sporty fashion items.

  • Dessert maker. Juicer may be popular as healthy gift, but this trend is kind of from the yesteryear. Dessert maker to make your own healthy frozen treat, such as dessert maker from Yonanas, is trending. This appliance can make dessert that looks and tastes like frozen yogurt or soft ice cream from frozen fruits. Some of these products cost even less than $75.

  • Accessory-like activity trackers. Women who do serious workout will like activity trackers that look like trendy accessories. Misfit, for example, has produced various wearable trackers with trendy looks; from tracker watch with black leather band, to elegant grey tracker that is used as necklace.

  • Gym bag for yoga lovers. Many gym bags now have designs that are equipped with special space for your own yoga mat, making them perfect as gifts for yoga lovers. These bags also have spaces to keep all smaller things like water bottle, towel, headband, and protein powder packs.

  • Walking shoes. Serious walking needs good shoes, but cheap, comfortable, high quality shoes are hard to find, right? Not anymore! Brand like Vionic Shoes sells really good walking shoes with trendy style and attractive colors, many with under-$100 price tags.

  • Goji Play Interactive Game. This is a gaming device that you can use as interactive games related to your workout session or exercise. The games may be simple, but they make your exercise routine. They also help you keeping consistent exercise schedule. Goji Play falls on around $99 price tag, so it may be the highest among cheap healthy gifts described here, but you can get bargain at several online stores.

  • 2XU Ultimate Endurance Sport Bra. A good sports bra is as great as a gift for an active woman as lingerie. Good sport bra can be hard to find, especially if the woman does intense workout or sport. Give this bra as intimate gift for your spouse, sister, mother or good friend, and it costs less than $80.

This list of healthy gifts can be good idea sources for your next Christmas shopping.

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