Google Business Models to Copy for Business Strategy

Google is one of the most popular companies in the world, and Google business models are definitely successful in the company’s case. You probably use Google to improve your own business, using their apps and tools such as Google Adwords, business apps, Google Docs, and many more. However, it is not just the tools and apps you can use from Google, but also the ideas from their business models. By copying strategies Google applied, you can grow your business and be more successful.


Google Business Models You Can Try Right Now

Whether you have a home business, medium-sized business, or business that you are about to grow into a big corporation, you can make it better with these business models copied from Google:

  • Tailoring your business strategies to specific customers. Google continuously improves its search engine algorithm, so the search engine results and ads on the screen will match your most frequent search queries. This means, Google tailor their promotions to match what you actually need. You can do this by doing research about potential customers for your products, and tailor the promotions to match their needs.

  • Create as many associations to your business as possible. Google is now identical to Android because its logo appears everywhere. Whenever people see the G letter on the phone, they will quickly associate it with Google. This leads to Google tuning their marketing strategies to match the expectations of Android phone users. You can do it by creating memorable logo or tagline for your product/service, with ads that capture the essence of the product.

  • Create a clear goal that connects all your business branches. Google business strategies and websites are diverse, but they have one thing in common: they have the main goal of getting revenues from ads. Google’s biggest revenues are earned from ad placements, taking up about 98 percent of all its revenue sources. Make sure you have clear, similar goal from all your business branches if you decide to do business diversification, so the strategies can be related and coherent.

  • Harness creativity and fun side to attract and keep customers. Google uses Google Doodle to mark special dates, creating unique Doodles every April 1st, and create keyboard tricks to make the search engine page does some cool stuffs. Creativity keeps Google interesting and can also act as promotional tools. Make sure you refresh various creative aspects in your business, such as promotions on special days, so you can keep up with the newest trends.

  • Use subtle marketing method instead of hard selling. Google’s cool tricks such as Google Doodle are basically creative marketing tools, which rely on creative association to make people keep interested. This is a subtle promotion, which relies on making people happy and interested, instead of just straight up selling them something.

Google business models have been proven to bring success, and you can copy these strategies in various ways depending on your business type, so you can get the same success story Google has.

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