Free Google Business Apps to Run a Business

Internet and information technology have helped business owners run office more efficiently, including with Google apps. Many free and paid apps are now available to run various business aspects, from payroll to invoicing. These apps are great helps for small and medium-sized business owners, because they can cut down time and manpower necessary to run a business. The apps can also be efficiency tools for bigger businesses, especially if you have budget to use the paid versions.
Free Google Business Apps to Run a Business

Popular, Top Free Google Business Apps

With many app options available, which one are the best for your needs? If you only have miniscule budgets to buy apps, make sure to get those that have the best free versions. Here are great free Google business apps that are very popular right now:

  • Rhino Accounting.
Rhino Accounting is a cloud accounting program that is totally free and supporting popular currencies: Dollar, Yen, Euro, and Pound. Reports are stored in Google Docs, and you can quickly change them into PDF format to be sent. You can immediately send the reports using Gmail. A great help for small or growing business.

  • Shoeboxed Receipt Management.
If you deal with lots of receipts that need to be managed, Shoeboxed is your friend. This free app helps organizing files of scanned receipt, but you can also send receipts that you snap with smart phone camera directly into Shoeboxed storage. You can also send financial data from Freshbooks, QuickBooks and Quicken directly to Shoeboxed.

  • Expensify.
This is an app that stores and organizes expenses data entry, complete with eReceipt forms. This app immediately tracks the amount of expenses, mileage and time of transactions, before storing them neatly in archived data. You can integrate this app with other financial apps such as SalesForce and QuickBooks. This free app may not do the same for all transactions, but it can greatly reduce the time and energy you need for organizing expense reports.

Doing business with Google apps will save time and energy, but you can get much more if you want to spend a little bit extra for paid apps.

Best Paid Versions of Google Business Apps
Many Google business apps only have limited free time of using, but even if you need to pay, they are very cheap and can be adjusted with the actual business needs. Here are some great Google apps with cheap paid versions:

  • FreeAgent.
This app helps with managing expense reports, invoicing and transaction time-tracking. The app also helps you in making tax reports, and can be connected with other apps like Google Calendar and Contacts. The app only has 30-day free trial, but even the paid version is just $20 per month.

  • Intuit Online Payroll.
The new version of Intuit is now integrated with Google Apps. It helps you managing payroll and emailing tax reports. The apps also help printing the receipts, saving much time in managing payroll. This app has 30-day free trial, and you need to pay $39 per month afterward. This price is for one state and on employee, and will be higher depending on the size of business.

Do not hesitate to use them right now. Using Google apps can really help with small and growing business, whether the free or the cheap ones.

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