Fashion Tips to Wear Leopard Prints in Trendy Way

Some may say that leopard prints are outdated, but many modern fashion tips bring these prints back to the spotlight. These prints mat look tacky if you wear them excessively, but when you choose the right way to wear them, leopard prints look really great. They can also brighten your winter fashion, or becoming accents on otherwise demure ensemble. Leopard prints are also great as accessories, tops, or bottoms, and you can rock them in many ways.


Fashion Tips for Leopard Print Accessories

The most popular way to use leopard prints is in accessories, but they are not limited to bags or high heels. Here is how you can rock leopard print accessories with fashion ensemble:

  • Leopard print scarf. Such scarf will look great with plain ensemble, such as white or grey shades. Thicker scarf is great for winter fashion, while light scarf is great as accent for fashion in any seasons. You can also use this scarf to spice up a dress or casual ensemble. It improves your appearance without you trying too hard.
Leopard print scarf
Leopard print scarf
  • Leopard print flats. Who says they only work on high heels? If you love flats, it is easy to be judged, but leopard prints will make your flats really eye-catching. Pair these flats with denim or semi-casual ensemble for weekend outing. If you work in creative industry, you can wear such flats to spice up casual Friday ensemble.
Leopard print flats
Leopard print flats
  • Leopard print boots. These boots are great as parts of your winter ensemble. You can wear them with denim, long skirt, or coat. If you want more luxurious touch, pick leopard print boots that have faux fur accents on the openings.

Wearing leopard print accessories is a great way to spice any fashion ensemble, and you can make your winter look brighter with leopard skin patterns on simple accessories.

Fashion Items with Leopard Prints
If accessories are still not exciting enough for you, leopard print fashion items can be your options. Here are some items you can wear to improve your look and spice up demure winter look:

  • Leopard print coat. Statement coat is all the rage now, especially with the fall and winter fashion trends. Whether it is a long coat, car coat or cropped coat, leopard print will make regular coat into exciting-looking one. You can combine this coat with denim, shirt, or long skirt, with boots for complete look.

  • Leopard pants. Not leggings, but actual tailored pants with leopard skin pattern. Statement pants are great to pair with simple top; an instant way to spice up your appearance even if you like it simple.

  • Leopard tight skirt. Whether it is mini skirt or pencil-skirt, tight skirt will look better with bold patterns like leopard print.

Since leopard print is eye-catching, you should pair any leopard fashion item with something that is more demure, and consists of solid colors (although it does not have to be black and white). Balancing is one of the best fashion tips you can apply with all patterned fashion items, but it looks even better if one of them is leopard print.

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