Denim Skirt Styles as Fashion Staples for All Seasons

Denim is one of those fashion staples that almost everyone has, but denim fashion can be too one-dimensional or boring; you surely do not want to get stuck in rocker or casual-tomboy style forever. Denim skirt is a great fashion staple to have in your wardrobe, and there are many types of skirts to widen your fashion repertoire. You can choose mini, midi or long skirts, anything that make your comfortable, but make sure to have several different models so you can experiment for all seasons.



Denim Fashion Items: Various Denim Skirt Styles

Mini denim skirt is definitely popular as casual or summer fashion item, but denim skirts are not limited to the minis. Here are various denim skirts you can add to your wardrobe, aside from regular blue denim skirt:

  • Denim skirt with side details. Side details such as embroidery or brightly-colored patterns on the side of a denim skirt can be eye-catching without being too garish. If you can sew, you can also add these side details, since they are quite straightforward.

  • Printed skirt. Denim skirts with prints are popular this year, just like printed leggings or pants. They are available as mini, midi and long skirts, and they are good alternatives for those who want eye-catching denim bottoms without decorative elements that can fall off the fabric surface. You can pair it with something more demure, like simple tank top or t-shirt.

  • High-waist, A-line denim skirt. This skirt is not just perfect for casual outing, but also for work. This denim skirt style can be paired with buttoned shirt or sweater and suit for casual Friday. You can also wear such skirt for office that has slightly more flexible dress code, such as design or creative advertising company.

  • Brightly-colored denim skirt. Even if your skirt does not have too many embellishments, choosing uncommon color can make a regular denim skirt into eye-catching fashion item. Bright colors such as red, peach or green will make regular denim skirts more exciting. They can be combined with black, white, or neutral-colored tops and casual footwear.

  • Denim skirt with patchworks. Patchworks are perfect for those who want denim that looks exciting and eye-catching. Creative people often add their favorite patchworks on a simple denim skirt, but now, there are many stores that sell readily-made patchwork skirt with various patterns. They are creative and definitely not boring, and can be combined with simple t-shirt or tank top.

  • Buttoned-down denim skirt. Mini denim skirt with buttons give preppy, sporty look that is identical with tennis players or university students. You can wear this skirt for effortless preppy look, combined with sporty jacket, cardigan, or medium-length sleeved cotton top.

Basically, all denim skirts are quite flexible, but some types may be more suitable for semi-formal occasion such as casual Friday, while others may only be suitable for casual outing. Nevertheless, you can be creative and choose several types that suit your own style. Make sure your denim fashion is presentable, not garish, but also not boring.

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