Beauty Tips for Showering to Keep Your Hair Beautiful

Showering your hair seems like a straightforward business, but there are reasons why many beauty tips focus on the right way of washing your hair. There are many things that can affect your hair’s condition; moisture, weather, hair type, genetics, hair products, hair treatments, and many other factors. Washing your hair the right way when showering can be the first step to keep your hair beautiful and healthy, no matter what kind of hair type and style you have.


Hair Beauty Tips: Bad Showering Habits to Remove

All good hair beauty tips include telling you what bad habits you must remove from your showering routine. Here are bad showering habits that can damage your hair in a long run:

  • Not using conditioner. Many people do not want to use conditioner because they think it is too greasy. However, good conditioner will not make your hair greasy, and it is also important to keep the hair smooth. After getting the hair cuticles roughened by shampoo, you need to smooth the cuticles using conditioner and return the hair pH back to normal.

  • Not focusing on the scalp. Many people feel enough to run their fingers through hair, but not pay more attention to the scalp. Your scalp is a place where oil and dirt gets stuck, and not paying attention to the scalp can cause various hair problems (more than just greasy, itchy feeling).

  • Pulling the hair strands too hard. If you have long hair, you probably run your fingers through your hair strands often. However, wet hair is more likely to get pulled off, so you can end up losing hair strands. Do not force your fingers to “run” through the hair if they get stuck. It is better to brush your hair first before washing it, so the strands will not get pulled off easily.

  • Not using special shampoo if your hair is colored. This is one of the most straightforward hair showering tips, but some people neglect it with various reasons: from pure laziness to ignorance about proper hair care. Special shampoo for colored hair can treat the hair without ruining the hair dye.

These seemingly small mistakes can damage your hair in a long run. Make sure to wash your hair the right way as the first step of hair treatment.

Hair Showering Tips for Better Hair
Here is what you can do to make your hair better with simple act of showering:

  • Choose conditioner that actually suits your hair type. Many complaints about greasy conditioner are often because people do not choose the right product for their hair type. If your hair is thick and not dry, you may want to choose light conditioner that is not heavy and greasy.

  • Unless your hair is super dry and oily, do not wash your hair with shampoo too often. Wash your hair with water only, and use shampoo once a week if your hair is not dirty. This is to reduce dryness because of shampoo formula.

  • Make sure to scrub your scalp with fingers (but not scratching it) when shampooing to remove dirt and oil buildup.

Always use the right shampoo and hair treatment products, which are straightforward beauty tips that people often forget, and you are off to good start in hair treatment.

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