Beauty Tips for Active Winter Sport Lovers

Winter is coming, and you need all the best beauty tips to protect your skin and lips from the harsh, cold season effects. Generally, winter beauty advices focus on keeping the skin moist, since the cold weather makes your skin retain less moisture. The problem gets worse when you are a winter sport enthusiast, since you spend more time outdoor, making your skin exposed to cold wind, flying ice and sunray (including the one reflected by the snow). You need extra steps to protect your skin and lips before enjoying winter sports outside.

Beauty Tips for Active Winter Sport Lovers

Beauty Tips to Protect Skin

You must pay special attention to the skin during winter, and this applies to all skincare aspects, such as skin moisturizing, washing, and cleansing. You must make sure that your skin stays moist, not dried, but clean. Here are winter beauty tips for skin you must do:

  • Use cream or oil-based moisturizer for your face. Even if you normally have oily or normal skin, you can consider switching to creamier moisturizer to deflect the dryness effect. If your skin is super dry and you are a serious winter sport athlete, you may want to consider wax-based moisturizer.

  • Choose toner with softer formula when you need to wipe off some makeup and grime. Or, you can change oil-based toner with milk cleanser, or even toner for dry and sensitive skin. You can also find special winter products from various brands that you can try, providing your skin is not allergic to random skincare product ingredients.

  • Use hydrating spray before applying moisturizer, if necessary. Hydrating spray works well in retaining moisture in your skin, and even better when paired with oil-based moisturizer. You can layer the protection if you will spend hours getting your face exposed with harsh, cold wind.

  • Use hydrating oil after the spray and moisturizer. This is the ultimate layering technique if you have especially dry skin and will spend hours in the middle of super cold weather.

Do not forget to apply products that contain SPF to protect your skin. Choose products with SPF 25 or 30, since the UV rays will be reflected by the snow.

Beauty Tips to Protect Lips
Your lips can get dry and chapped easily if you do winter sport. Here are beauty tips for winter sport to make your lips smooth and protected:

  • Always use lip balm that contains SPF. Even if you want to wear something brighter like lipstick, choose the one that has SPF and moisturizer.
  • Apply coconut oil or lip butter before bed to treat your lips. If your lips are chapped, use the ointment during the day too, especially when you are not going anywhere.

  • If you want to wear lipstick, do layering technique just like with your skin. Apply lip balm first before applying lipstick.

Cleansing your skin is also important during winter. You can use warm water and soft cleanser for dry skin, or just use water if you do not wear any makeup. These beauty tips will make your skin and lips stay smooth even when you enjoy winter sport.

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