Weight Loss Eating Plan and Recipes for 2 Weeks

Cooking at home is a part of weight loss eating plan, because you can regulate the portion and amount of sugar, fat and salt used in the recipes. However, planning for new menu every single day can be quite troublesome, especially if you never cook before or if you are very busy. The best weight loss eating plan is not just about choosing “clean” recipes, but also making menu that is both delicious and easy to make without hassles. Planning your menu ahead can also help you to be more consistent in eating healthily.


Weight Loss Eating Plan Recipes for 2 Weeks

You can make 2-week eating plan with different menu for each day, which you can repeat on the second week. Clean eating diet plan to lose weight can be really easy, and different menu for 7 days is quite varied to be repeated on the next week. Here is the sample of healthy menu for people who need around 2,000 to 2,200 calorie intake per day:

  • Monday.
Make a poached egg with vinegar, black pepper and a pinch of salt for breakfast, with a slice of whole grained toast and an apple. Make simple seared chicken breast and green salad with crushed peanuts for lunch and dinner, or you can replace chicken with fish like salmon or halibut.

  • Tuesday.
Make 2 slices of whole grained toast with low fat, natural peanut butter. Make turkey sandwich with whole grained bread, seared turkey breast, lettuce and tomatoes for lunch. Seared chicken or fish with baked potato (no cheese) is great for dinner.

  • Wednesday.
Boil an egg and eat it together with fruit-topped oatmeal. Make simple pasta with whole grained noodles and marinara sauce with bell peppers and mushrooms for lunch. Seared pork loin or chicken breast with salad is great for dinner.

  • Thursday.
Make another bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit slices and poached egg for breakfast. Roast a chicken breast and make simple veggie soup for lunch. Sear salmon and bake black beans for dinner.

  • Friday.
Replace oatmeal with bran cereal and low fat milk for breakfast. Make tuna sandwich with whole grained bread, lettuce and tomatoes for lunch. Sear turkey or chicken breast with baked black beans and salad for dinner.

  • Saturday.
Toast whole grained bagel and top with canned tuna. Make chicken soup with noodles and salad for lunch, and seared chicken plus salad and baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

  • Sunday.
Indulge your sweet tooth with French toast and cinnamon powder for breakfast. Make healthy burger with chicken breast, Portobello mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes. Sear halibut or salmon and make steamed brown rice for dinner.

As you can see, this healthy weight loss eating plan uses some overlapped ingredients for different days, such as whole grained bread, salmon, canned tuna, chicken or turkey breast, salad vegetables, oatmeal and eggs. This means you can shop more efficiently and prepare the foods more easily, especially if you are busy. This 2 week weight loss eating plan can also be modified with similar ingredients, whichever make you feel most convenient when shopping.

Use this weight loss eating plan for the first 2 weeks, and you will fall more easily into healthier eating habit for the next weeks.

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