Unique Dress Trends for 2015 Fall Bridal Fashion

You want to look special and exceptional on your wedding day, and this year’s bridal fashion trend for fall gives what you want. Instead of demure bridal gowns, fall 2015 sees the coming of dresses with statements, or unique dresses that will turn everyone’s heads when you walk down the aisle. Why stick with the common if you can wear the exceptional one? Make your special day even more special with unique fall bridal fashion this year.

Unique Dress Trends for 2015 Fall Bridal Fashion

Bridal Fashion Trend for Sexy Wedding Dresses

Sexy and elegant are the keywords for this year’s fall trend in bridal fashion. Designer like Naeem Khan produced bridal dresses with sexy elements that still look elegant. Here are some wedding dress models that made their appearance in various bridal runways this fall:

  • Wedding dress with low V-neckline. While strapless wedding dress has been popular enough, dress with low V-neckline gives more dramatic effect, because it accentuates the neck and can make you look taller, especially if you have petite body.

  • Wedding dress with high slits. Instead of dresses with long, all-covering skirts, slit wedding dress offers more sensuality without revealing too much. Combining long-sleeved or medium-sleeved wedding dress with slit skirt will also give exceptional look.

  • Wedding dress with bare midriff. This fall bridal fashion asks you to be bold and bare your midriff in your wedding dress, whether it is a one-piece or two-piece dress. While this unique bridal dress may not be really fit for formal wedding or wedding in religious building, this can be a great choice for beach or casual wedding.

You do not have to incorporate sexy elements that make you uncomfortable. Whether you love baring much skin or choosing a single slit skirt, for example, this year’s fall bridal fashion is definitely not the time to be demure and plain.

Non-Traditional Bridal Fashion for 2015
If sexy is not your cup of tea, you can be exceptional in your wedding dress. This year, the trend is non-traditional wedding dress and wedding gown that makes statements. Blue wedding dress, for example, is the last summer’s bridal fashion trend that continued until the fall. Various shades of blue, whether applied on the whole dress or just in some parts, are great to bring all attention to you. Blue is also a great non-traditional color that you can adjust with your taste, skin color and theme, such as pale blue, coral blue, sky blue, or pastel blue.

Other unique statements in this year’s wedding gown trend are lace and corset. Corset is especially flattering for the body shape and can be worn with any skirt style. Meanwhile, laces that cover almost all parts of the dress are also trending. However, make sure to wear laces that have small patterns, and combine them with dress that has sleek line, to prevent garish and overwhelming look.

Whether you love sexy or modest, do not stick with the common one. Choose one or several of these unique elements to make your bridal fashion eye-catching on your special day.

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