Tips to Use Instagram as Business Owner’s Best Friend

It has only been 4 years since Instagram was launched, but this picture-based social media quickly swept millions of users around the world, and it is used extensively for business tips. Instagram is one of favorite social media for mobile marketing, and small business owners use it as often as big brands. Instagram is powerful not only because it is practical for mobile marketing, but also because it is a visual medium, which tends to attract people more easily.

Tips to Use Instagram as Business Owner’s Best Friend

Business Tips in Using Instagram

With the popularity of smart phones with good camera, you can instantly start and use Instagram wherever you are. Take this opportunity by creating Instagram business opportunities, especially if you are a person who enjoys taking and uploading pictures. If you already have a business or want to start one, here are some useful beginner tips to use Instagram in business:

  • Learn from major brands and successful starter businesses. Major brands like Starbucks and Nike definitely use Instagram, but there are small businesses that also gained momentum in Instagram. Follow the most recommended accounts that have the same interests with you, and learn what makes them successful in Instagram marketing; some of them may use unique methods!

  • Learn popular visual trend in Instagram. As a picture-based social medium, Instagram has lots of visual trends that people use to make their accounts noticeable. Hipster Barbie, various forced perspective photographs and time-lapse videos are samples of popular visual trends. See if you can use one or some of these visual trends to make your own brand noticeable.

  • Use hashtags smartly. Hashtags are important parts of business tips with Instagram, especially since you face many competitors that may flaunt similar hashtags. Use popular hashtags that are still related to your brands, and share evenly between popular generic hashtags and the more targeted ones.

  • Explore new or popular apps. Various Instagram apps are now available to make your posts more colorful and varied. New, popular apps such as Hyperlapse and VSCO Cam are great to make your posts noticeable. Also, do not afraid of using video feature that has been available in Instagram since a year ago. Video can be more engaging than pictures if you use it right.

Instagram users who are familiar with all features and communities, especially related with their hashtags, are more likely to find new and creative ways to use their accounts for their benefits. Take time to explore before you actually build a brand using Instagram account.

Networking is one of the most important business tips, and the same thing applies in Instagram. Make sure to engage in your communities: people with the same hashtags or interests, including your followers. Instagram is also a popular venue of online competition, or a spot for certain interest groups to gather. Make use of these features to get new followers, friends, and even potential business partners. Using social media is just one of popular business tips, but how you use them can separate regular users from successful business owners.

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