Tips to Look Beautiful with the Right Pink Lipstick

Lipstick is an inseparable makeup item for women, and all beauty tips recommend lipstick as one of basic makeup elements, even if you do not like putting too much makeup on the face. Red and pink are among the most common lipstick colors, but many people think that pink is a color for young girls or people with bright skin, which is not true. Pink lipstick can actually be used by women with various skin colors, as long as you pick the right pink shades for your lips.


Beauty Tips for Pink Lipstick

Celebrities like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj love wearing pink lipstick, and Minaj even inspired MAC Cosmetics to created limited edition pink lipsticks called Pink Friday and VIVA Glam Nicki, both of them are from the bright spectrum of pink lipstick. However, many women with darker skin tone are rather afraid of wearing bright pink lipstick like Minaj, because it clashes too sharply with their skin tone. Meanwhile, light-skinned women are often afraid to apply bright pink lipstick, because it makes them look pale.
So, how to choose the right lipstick if you want to flaunt pink? The basic rule is to match the pink shades with the undertone of your skin tone, where it is warm or cool. Here are some beauty tips for pink lipstick options you can use:
  • If you have pale skin, avoid pink lipsticks that are from the bright shades. These will make you look even paler. Choose lipsticks with shades that complement your pale skin, such as nude pink, pale rose, mauve, or beige pink.
  • If you have light skin (not pale, but still from lighter shade), your options are a little bit wider. The best shades that can complement your skin tone are peach, violet-pink, and magenta-pink. However, stick to the one that complements your own skin the most.
  • If you have medium or slightly tanned skin, you can basically wear any shades, from rosy shade to magenta pink.
  • If you have darker skin tone but still in the range of olive, you can try something darker and not too pale, since pale lipstick contrasts greatly with olive skin. You can try magenta pink, violet pink, or purplish pink.
  • If you have dark or dark brown skin tone, you can use darker pink shades, not too pale but also not too dark. Darker pink shades or purplish pink are great for such skin tone.
These color guides are general beauty tips, so you should do your lipstick shopping more carefully to find the color that matches you the most. You must make use of the free sample or for-try lipsticks at cosmetic counters, especially since these counters usually have great lighting and help you seeing the result on your lips better.
Beauty Tips for Pink Lipstick
Beauty Tips for Pink Lipstick

Another common beauty tips are to mix different lipstick shades to get the right shades that suit you the most, and not clashing the pink lipstick color with your blush; one must be less standout than the other, and from the same color tone.

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