Tips to Improve Your Business with Google Alerts

If you depend on blogs or websites to run business, the most common business tips usually ask you to use Google apps. Google Alerts is one of apps that many people seem to be unaware about its potentials. However, this app can bring lots of benefits in running a business, especially if you use blog or website as the main part of your business, or if you need to be constantly alerted about the newest online trends.
Tips to Improve Your Business with Google Alerts
Tips to Improve Your Business with Google Alerts
Google Alerts is basically an app that alerts you of news about current trends, depending on what keywords that your business blogs or websites use. This app can be integrated with email, and you can also list your blogs or websites in Google Alerts for other people to find. The app will later send the current news to your inbox related to your keywords and search terms.

Business Tips using Google Alerts

You can use Google Alerts to get the current news from your search terms, or listing your blog posts in the app. The signing up process is easy, but you need strategies to use it well. Here are some business tips with Google Alerts you can use once you established a business website:

  • Use search terms with multiple words instead of just one word. This will help you to get Alerts or get listed more suitably.

  • Use quotation marks for your search term if it is consisted of two words or more. This is to make sure that you get the exact results from the Alerts (multiple Alert emails about unrelated subjects that happen to have similar search term words can be annoying).

  • If you want to list your website in the Google Alerts, choose the top 10 keywords based on your niche. Use Google “site:” operator to make sure that you get the latest, most relevant keyword lists. Input your website URL into the box and click “Search News” to get top keywords you can use for search terms to list your website.

  • Make sure your website is worthy of recommendation through Google Alert. This is one of the most common business tips, but many people seem to forget it. Your blog posts must be consistent, frequent, and with useful information based on your niche. Check your posts to make sure you do not accidentally copy-paste certain paragraph or phrases from other blog posts.

Follow these simple tips, and you can get opportunities to invite traffic to your website, while you can also get useful information to develop your business.

Why Google Alerts is a Great Business App
Internet-based business requires constant updates of current news and trends, but you cannot look for all the updates manually without help. Google Alerts help you to keep updated every day, week and month, so you can adjust your website and blog posts based on online trends (especially since Google considers blog posts as more trustworthy compared to static websites).

Meanwhile, you can also get more traffic by listing your website in Google Alerts, letting other people know that your website is available as one of recommended news sources when they type related search terms. Use these business tips and see how quickly you get profits.

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