Plus Size Fashion Tips for Women with Pear Shape Body

Women with plus size body are usually faced with distress when choosing fashion items. Actually, the case is not that distressing as long as you are smart in choosing the items you are going to wear. Those with pear shape body, for instance, need different clothing details from those with apple shape body. The following plus size fashion tips for women with pear figure may help you in making the smart decision.


Pear shape body is essentially in contrast to apple one. In those with pear figure, the bottom part of the body tends to be wider than the upper part. On the contrary, women with apple shape figure have wider upper body than lower body, thus resembling the look of apple fruits.

Plus Size Fashion Tips: Fashion Items for Pear Figure

The style goal of pear-shaped figure is to balance out the upper body and the lower part. This way, your goal is emphasizing the upper body while ‘hiding’ the lower one. The following are some plus size tips for pear-shaped women when choosing the right clothing to make them standout.

Detailed Tops

You can begin by choosing detailed tops, such as blouse with polka dot motives, blouse with detailed neckline to attract more attention to the upper body instead of the lower part. Peplum blouse is another interesting option to create a waistline silhouette. Peplum dress successfully hides your bottom part as the dress flares on the bottom.
Peplum dress for plus size pear shaped women
Peplum dress for plus size pear shaped women

Fit n Flare Dress

As with the peplum blouse is, fit n flare dress is a smart option for women with pear shaped figure.  When it comes to this type of dress, plus size fashion tips also suggest choosing one with belts or accents on the waistline. This is a successful head-turning trick, while creating a slimmer waist illusion and hiding the wide bottom. You can also choose fit n flare dress with different color on the bottom and on the upper parts, as this emphasizes your waistline further.

Skirts for Pear-Shaped Figure

If you love wearing skirt, then go for A line skirts or midi skirts. They make your wide hips and thighs less prominent. Choose skirts with details on the waist, such as tie or flower details. In addition, try to find skirts with bold hues; dark blue, dark red, black, or brown are great options.

Pants of pear-shaped figure

Pants with high waist and wide legs are great to balance out the look between the thigh and the legs. You can make custom pants that suit your figure. Skinny jeans are also the options of pear-shaped women. As with the skirts, find ones with dark color. 
Skinny pants for plus size pear curve
Skinny pants for plus size pear curve

Plus size fashion tips for pear curves include avoiding fashion items with light hues, unless they are embellished with bold details. You can play with patterns and motives, but avoid one with large motives as they make you look bigger. Instead, find fashion items with vertical motives, such as vertical lines, or small dots. 

Those plus size fashion tips for women with pear curves are simple tricks. However, the main key is your comfort. Choose fashion items that suit your personality and comfort you.

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