How to Keep Your Beauty Supplies Germ-Free

Whether you like simple or colorful makeup, having clean beauty supplies is a must for everyone. Your makeup products constantly make contact with surrounding elements, including dirt and oil from your own skin. You should clean your beauty supplies constantly and keep the rest free of germ, but many of us neglect that important aspect. Dirty makeup can cause problems such as acne breakout. Also, when flu season comes, it is even more important to keep your makeup supplies germ-free, to prevent flu germ contamination.


Tips to Keep Beauty Supplies Germ-Free

There several simple but useful steps to keep your beauty supplies germ-free, and you can apply them to your supplies every two weeks. Here is how to clean beauty supplies regularly to protect you from germ contamination:

  • Scrap the top of your lipstick with Q-tip, but be careful not to scrap too much from the top. Afterward, pour a little rubbing alcohol into a small dish, and submerge the exposed lipstick part for 30 minutes, before finally wiping it dry with clean tissue.
  • Clean the top of your foundation bottle with antibacterial wipe. If you use foundation in a jar, you can use Q-tip to remove the surface.
  • Pencils. Cleaning eyebrow, lip or eyeliner pencils is quite easy; just use pencil sharpener. You do not need to scrap too much; a couple of quick twists to remove the tip will do. However, remember to use pencil sharpener that you actually keep for beauty supplies, not sharpener that you also use for regular pencils. If your pencil is retractable, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol the same way you clean lipstick.
  • Scrap the surface of compact powder with clean butter knife to remove the possible germ-laden surface (but not too much). You can do the same thing with powder blush and powder eye shadow.
  • Disinfect the brushes after every use by wiping them with antibacterial wipe. Also, wash the brush with warm water and soap every two weeks or once a month.
  • Clean the inside of makeup container or bag with antibacterial wipe every month. Also, if you keep beauty supplies in container made of fabric, wash it every month to make sure all your beauty supplies clean and germ free.

You do not need to clean disposable beauty supplies such as mascara brush and disposable sponges, because they are made to perish or ruined after certain period of time. It is better to pay attention to their expiration dates, or just get rid of them when you experience allergic reactions or breakout.

You probably already clean your brushes with water, but clean beauty supplies alone are not enough to keep germs at bay. Keeping your beauty supplies germ-free should start from the moment you buy them. For example, buy lipstick in metal container, not plastic. Avoid buying any cosmetic in jar, since it is the most easily infected. Keeping your beauty supplies germ-free will keep you and your skin healthy.

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