Friday Afternoon Fashion: Best Accessories for Work and Outing

For many women, Friday fashion combines work and party in the outfits, complete with the best accessories to accompany them. If you want to go out right after office, you want something that you can use at office and for outing or party. Even if your clothes are simple, the right accessories can quickly turn casual Friday fashion into weekend fashion. 


Best Work Accessories for Going Out

Pairing the right accessories with causal Friday fashion will get you from office to party quickly when the office hour ends. Here is list of the best work accessories you can wear both at office and during weekend outing:

  • Necklace with statements. Eye-catching necklace from colorful stones, tiered crystal or beads can give flair to both work outfit and casual outfit. Plain shirt with pants for casual Friday at work can turn into outing outfit with the addition of this necklace. This kind of necklace suits both weekend and office outfits (depending on dress code), but if you do not want to change from Friday outfit, add this necklace, and you instantly get weekend look.
best accessories
best accessories
  • Leather tote bag. This is one of the best work accessories that can also serve as outing accessories. Leather tote bag with bright color such as red, peach or navy blue can serve as practical office accessory and trendy outing accessory. The trick is to choose a bag that does not have garish shapes or details. Invest on the color, but do not choose something too garish.
best work accessories
best work accessories
  • Printed scarf. Scarf looks like a simple accessory, but printed scarf can instantly turn ordinary outfit into something more eye-catching. If you do not like excessive accessories, a printed scarf can lift up one-piece dress, shirt with coat, camisole, or blouse.

  • Colorful flat shoes. Flat shoes can be the best accessories if you dare to play on colorful sides. If you are not crazy about heels, you can choose flats that show statements, such as printed flats, or flats with bright colors. They can spice up any plain garb into something more eye-catching.

  • Statement bracelets and earrings. Dressy earrings alone can spice up plain clothes effortlessly, but you can also add bracelets that match the earrings for better effects. You can use one of them for work, and then add the other one when you are ready to enjoy weekend night.

  • Cognac bag. Besides tote bag, cognac bag is also trendy but practical at the same time. Cognac bag is not too garish for office or everyday bag, but it goes well with weekend outfit. Play with various shades to spice up your appearance.

Even if you are not a fan of colorful prints or fancy clothes, you still can spice up your appearance with the right accessories. Adding the right accessories can easily transform you from office lady to chic girl during weekend outing. Make sure to choose the best accessories that match your personality, and explore many outfit combinations to get the best look.

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