Fashion Items and Accessories That Make You Look Older

When you are dressing up, adding certain fashion items such as accessories, trendy clothes or hair color will spice up your appearance. However, not all accessories and clothing items give the same delightful effects. Wearing the wrong things can actually make you look older than you actually are, no matter how old you actually are.


Fear of Looking Older: Fashion Items to Avoid

Choosing the right fashion items is the key to look great, no matter how old you are. However, you should not make yourself look older than you actually are. Here are fashion items and accessories you should avoid if you do not want to look older and old-fashioned:

  • Common reading glasses. While glasses are must for many people, they are also very prominent on your face, and choosing the wrong style can make you look older. Reduce the old-looking effect by wearing glasses with fun elements, such as bright frame color, or even super thin yet trendy frames.
  • Cardigans. They are great as layering clothes, but they can also drown you or make you look heavier because of their lumpiness and shapelessness. You should use layering items that have more contours or accents, such as well-fit jackets or blazers with accents on collars or sleeves.
  • Somber flat shoes or flip-flops. Flat shoes and sandals are great fashion accessories, but bland footwear can also make you look older and unflattering. Even if you prefer flat shoes over heels or platforms, you should not be afraid of adding fun, eye-catching elements such as bright colors, patterns, or some glitz.
  • Mom jeans. This is a term for straight jeans with high waist, and nothing makes you look older than you actually are than this. No matter what body type you have, a good fashion tip for choosing jeans is not about the tightest ones or the frumpiest ones. It is about choosing jeans that are tailored to fit perfectly on your figure, not too tight, and not too frumpy.
  • Sport sneakers. They may be comfortable, but sport sneakers worn other than for exercising will make you look really outdated. If your taste is around casual, sporty shoes, you should choose shoes that are not large and dirty (and actually look like the shoes you use for aerobic class or jogging). Choose Converse-style sneakers or sneakers that are intended for casual use. Or, play with colors and patterns, and choose sneakers with trendy design.
It is not just the clothes that make you look older than you actually are. Wearing the wrong makeup can make you look older, whether too little or too much. Too little makeup will make you look pale and dull, but wearing too much will make your feature look “heavy” and older than you actually are. Minimalist makeup that matches your skin tone is the best option.

In the end, you cannot stop the aging process. However, you have a right to look good, and choosing the right fashion items and accessories will help you achieving the goal.

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