Fashion Fall Trends to Have in Wardrobe This Year

Are you ready to shop for fall fashion trend in 2015? This year’s trend has everything for everyone; you get printed dresses and blouses, patchworks, 80’s punk combination, denim-fur combination, and neutral palettes with unusual cuts. Nicely-paired contrast is big for this year’s fall fashion trend, and you can shop for some essentials that you can wear even after this year’s fall is over.


List of Fall Fashion Trend for 2015

Year 2015 sees colorful fashion items that become trend for fall season, and you can pick something that matches your style and personality the most. There are several items that have made way into many major runways in 2015, such as:

  • Patchwork and patterned dresses. Eye-catching patchworks and patterns are great to make yourself standout in the middle of gloomy fall. Long-sleeved, knee-length dress with flowing skirt and patchworks or patterns look great with boots. Folk-style or Bohemian dresses also make comeback in this year’s fall.

  • Fringes. They will look great on your patchwork or patterned dresses, or as parts of the ensemble. Brown, fringed skirt with patterned blouse and fringed accessories give super chic Western style with 70’s flair.

  • Denim and fur. Shearling is big this for this year’s fall fashion trend, and combining it with denim creates delightful contrast between prim and casual. Shearling can also be applied on suede or leather jacket, which is great for people with different taste in certain style.

  • Punk ensemble. Gigi Hadid posed with studded black leather jacket and black pants this fall, and suddenly, wearing 80’s style punk ensemble to welcome the somber season does not sound so bad. Even if you are not going all-punk, silver or black studs and leather elements in your ensemble are enough to evoke the popular 80’s edgy style.

  • Tweed suits and jackets. Tweed is a fall trend that never dies, and Chanel even flaunted tweed jackets, skirts and suits for their runway this fall. This is great for everyone with prim, proper, British-style fashion.

As for the color trend, this year’s fashion trend shows a lot of white and oxblood, which are applied to shoes, bags, sweaters, skirts and other fashion items. Even if you are not the type of person who wears a lot of bright colors, you can insert oxblood in your ensemble to make it more striking.

Samples of Ensemble for 2015 Fall Fashion Trend
There are many ways you can combine fashion accessories for this year’s fall trend. A shearling-trimmed jacket can be combined with denim and boots for casual outing or date, but all-shearling jacket with tweed skirt and sweater give you semi-formal look. Bohemian blouse with fringed skirt or accessories give that chic 70’s look. Long faux-fur coat with printed dress looks feminine and elegant in their contrasts, while studded jacket adds edgy touch for the same dress.

This year’s fall fashion trend is a time to explore and be bold. With the widely encompassing style options, 2015 fall fashion trend boasts styles that recognize contrasting fashion taste.

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