Best Business Trends to Start in 2016

If you make “opening new business” as New Year resolution, you probably need to consider next’s year business trends before choosing a niche. While some types of business are considered good to start in any year, others may require trend reading to ensure steady profits and growing customer base. Some of the best business ideas are perhaps something you never expect before, but potential for steady income stream.
Best Business Trends to Start in 2016
Best Business Trends to Start in 2016

List of 2016 Potential Business Trends

Make sure to start your business right. Here are the best 2016 business trends potential to develop as new business:

  • Senior care service. With the rising numbers of aging population, which goes along with rising numbers of young professionals and successful baby boomer generations, you have big chance to offer senior care service for the affluent. This kind of business does not just offer in-home care for seniors, but an also grow into other business ventures, such as safety flooring, home modifications for the disabled, landscaping, and many more.

  • Gluten free foods. Gluten free foods are not just for those with Celiac disease, but many people also choose gluten free products (including for their afflicted family members). Gluten free bakery, catering service, packed lunch store and kid’s birthday party catering can be one of the best business trends in the health-conscious era.

  • Healthy food truck. People no longer consider food trucks as greasy food sellers; many food truck owners now sell healthy foods, such as vegetarian truck foods, or foods made of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Many professionals who do not have time to cook now want healthier options, so healthy food trucks can be lucrative business trends.

  • Mobile pet grooming. More people now do not have much time in daily life, but still want to take care of their pets. Mobile pet grooming business can take advantage of this by providing pet grooming service that visits people’s houses. This service is also a life-saver for pet owners who cannot bring their pets outside for grooming, such as people with chronic sickness or those taking care of kids.

  • Masonry. This business is perfect if you are good in bricklaying. This business is not just dealing with building house, but also remodeling, such as making patios, fireplace, fence, and walkways. You can also offer this service for repairing chimneys, which is great if you live in four-season countries.

  • Artisanal handmade foods. Artisanal foods such as chocolate, cakes or cheese are huge business trends, which target affluent customers. This business usually gives you exclusive, loyal customers, who are not afraid of spending extra money for quality and exclusivity.

These business trends are not absolute suggestions, but judging from the trend, they will be among the biggest in 2016.

Final Considerations for Choosing Business

Choosing a new business is determined by many things, such as local trends, your initial capital, and the availability of customers around you. Make sure you list these factors before choosing the right business. The best business trends must be something you love to do, not just something that is in trend.

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