Beauty Product Tips: How to Use Moisturizer the Right Way

Advertisements love to show the “magical” effect of moisturizer, but many beauty tips indeed suggest moisturizer as one of the most essential products to treat skin. Moisturizer is great to keep your face and body skin smooth, especially if you have dry skin, in the middle of dry weather, or must spend time in air-conditioned room for hours. However, using moisturizer the wrong way will not make you get the best of this product. Make sure to know the right moisturizer tips to get the best result for your healthy skin.


Beauty Tips: Best Way to Use Moisturizer

Despite what the advertisements tell you, slathering your face and body with huge gob of moisturizer will not do your skin good. In fact, it can make your skin sticky, and the excessive moisturizer will also stain your clothes or pillow sheets. Here are beauty tips for moisturizer so you can get the best result from this product:

  • Make sure your skin a little bit damp before you apply moisturizer, such as right after you have a bath or wash face before bed. This is because damp skin locks moisturizer within your skin, giving your skin more moisture before the product evaporates. After washing your face or taking a bath, pat your skin dry with a bit of dampness trace instead of rubbing it until bone-dry, before applying moisturizer.

  • Make sure your skin is clean before you apply moisturizer. Applying moisturizer when your skin is still dirty or oily will cause it to block dirt and oil in the pores, resulting in acne.

  • Do not apply moisturizer excessively. Despite what the ads say, applying too much moisturizer will not make the product works better. Apply moisturizer based on your how much your skin actually needs (you probably need to apply it a bit more when you are in air-conditioned room for hours, or when your skin is cracked and super dry).

By following these seemingly simple beauty tips, you can get the best result from any moisturizer you pick, without all the side effects.

Choosing the Right Moisturizer
Before you apply the moisturizer, there is the matter of choosing the right one. Choosing the right moisturizer is important to get the best result, because different skin condition requires ingredients that fulfill what your skin needs. For example, everyone needs moisturizer with sunscreen or SPF level, but there are many other popular ingredients added to the products, and you should choose moisturizer based on your skin type.

For example, people with oily or acne-ridden skin may need moisturizer with light formula and ingredients that absorb excessive oil or reduce bacterial activities, such as cucumber, lime and lemon. Meanwhile, people with super dry skin perhaps need moisturizer that contains extra amount of vitamin E, milk, or shea butter. Pay attention to the label and stop the usage if the product gives you allergic reactions.

The abovementioned points are simple beauty tips, but they can make the difference between good and bad skin conditions when you choose moisturizer product.

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