Anti-Cancer Plant: Benefits of Neem and Possible Mechanism

Neem plant is one of medicinal plants, which are known to have the most complex leaves on the planet. As a matter of fact, there are more than 130 active compounds in its leaves. That is why neem leaves are also called the wonder leaves. Besides being known as an anti-cancer plant, neem is also known as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and even anti-diabetic plant.  Along with aloe vera, neem belongs to Panacea family and it can be grown in clay pots. 


Benefits of Neem as an Anti-Cancer Plant

As an anti-cancer plant, neem has been the subject of rigorous studies in different countries. It has been used as a part of traditional medicine for decades. It is believed to be able to kill cancerous cells, thanks to the polysaccharides and limonoids contained in its leaves. The active compounds help alleviating tumor and cancer cells. In addition, the active compounds in neem leaves are able to keep the number of cancer cells in human body within a certain limit that does not trigger ganging up against the body system.

The human body basically has cancer cells; however, as long as they are within the safe limit, they will not cause any problem. Beside its role in maintaining the safe limit of cancer cells, neem also has a healing power. In Southeast Asian countries, it is widely used by herbalist for tumor and cancer. In Europe, India, and Japan, its bark, leaves, and seed oil have been used for cancer and even for lymphocytic leukemia.

Besides the active compounds above, the anti-cancer plant also contains substances that are beneficial for health. They include vitamin C and beta carotene, quercetin, kaemferol, azadirone, and hundreds of other compounds that help to prevent cancer growth by improving immune system, removing fee radicals, decreasing inflammation, and blocking hormonal activities.

Anti-Cancer Plant: Things to Keep in Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind that health benefits of neem as an anti-cancer plant have been proved through laboratory studies. No clinical studies have been done to determine its effectiveness in human body. Despite the great potentials, care must be taken when using the medicinal plant, not only for cancer but also for any other health issues.

Excessive consumption of preparation from neem plant (leaves, bark, or seed oil) has been associated with few side effects, including reduced sperm count in men. In large dosage, the compounds in its leaves may kill sperm cells. Pregnant women must consume it with extra care. Women in their first to fifth month of pregnancy better stay away from this plant as it may lead to fetal loss. This adversary effect is associated with extra heat received by the fetus.

Furthermore, heat produced by the medicinal plant may influence menstrual cycle in women. It may be shorter than usual. To avoid further effects, help your body by drinking more water to reduce the heat and adding a slice of lemon to the water. You can also try a glass of ash gourd juice that has cooling effect. Castor oil is another herbal medicine known to neutralize heat effects of this anti-cancer plant

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