5 Main Focuses on Organic SEO Techniques for Business

The rising internet technology also sees the development of organic SEO, which is lauded in all business tips that are related to internet. SEO techniques have been more varied and sophisticated compared to two decades ago, but one thing for sure: organic SEO is still the surefire way to gain long-term success in online business without risking penalties from search engine giant such as Google. The question is: if you want to start an online business now, what things should you focus on to make your organic SEO techniques successful?
5 Main Focuses on Organic SEO Techniques for Business

What Things to Focus On in Organic SEO

If you are a new business owner, numerous SEO tips out there may make you feel overwhelmed. However, when it comes to organic SEO techniques, there are 5 major factors that become the heart of this process, which are:

  • SEO content writing. This is the “seller” of your website, which contains of numerous articles and blog posts that will lead visitors to buy your products or click on your ad links. Original content writing, without copy-paste or article-spinning software, is the best way to win Google approval and algorithm. Also, good SEO content will create group of loyal readers and website followers.

  • The right keywords. You probably need several keywords to promote one product, but the trend for certain best keywords can change. Choosing the right keywords to promote certain products at certain periods will make the differences between successful and failed promotion. There are several common business tips for SEO related to keywords that are always be lauded by SEO consultants, such as picking long-tailed keywords or using app such as Google Trends to find the right keywords.

  • Website on-page optimization. On-page SEO consists of strategies such as modifying links, file names, HTML codes and file formats to make the website “readable” in Google search results. These things can be learned without having to go to school, and many successful SEO business owners actually manage to learn these aspects without studying formally.

  • Creating link building. This is actually akin to creating networks with people interested in the same business field, which is one of the most recommended business tips. In link building, you make other websites or blogs make references to your website by inserting the link of your website in their pages. You can do this by commenting in many websites or blogs with similar topics, and introduce yourself politely to create positive impression. This will heavily increase Google’s recognition toward your website or blog.

  • Using marketing methods outside website and blog. Social media is an unquestionable part of online marketing nowadays, and using social media marketing can bring much help in SEO technique. Choose social media that has the right platform for your business, such as Instagram and Pinterest for picture-related business, or Facebook and Twitter to improve connection with potential customers.

No matter how fast internet technology develops, organic SEO is still one of the most legit business tips, and you should at least understand these main focuses on SEO before moving to the more sophisticated strategies.

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