Utilizing Google Hangouts for Business Activity

Mobile apps these days have been helping most business activities around the world. One of the most popular yet useful app as the tool to support business is Google Hangouts. Previously known as Google Talk, Google Hangout’s popularity is quickly developing as more business owners realize its potential to help and bolster their business affairs. In brief, Google Hangouts for business is free, effective, and efficient.


Optimize Google Hangouts for Your Business

Google Hangouts application is basically a social network that is designated with intention towards businesses. The main focus of this Google Suite’s new addition is for video conference with colleagues and clients in spite of it has another useful features. Google Hangouts for Business is a new method of online marketing that is user-friendly and quick, especially to arrange meetings.

·           Google Hangouts as the Medium of Online Marketing
Most practical use of Google Hangouts is for arranging meetings with your business partners, clients, vendors, any others. Video chat or meeting on Google Hangouts can accommodate up to nine accounts. For larger meetings, there is another web meeting app like UberConference that you can utilize.

Google Hangouts is indeed a great path to converse with customers for expanded marketing reach. You can introduce them about new products and services, moreover instruct them to the product use as well as the additional benefits and features. The customer will absolutely appreciate this action as you take such an attentive and personal approach.

·           Promotional Videos
Google Hangouts also help you to make promotional videos by recording your meetings or presentation then post them to YouTube. It is a great way to enlarge your market, approach more customers, and add audio visual content on your company’s web or blog. Such promotional videos are effective to introduce items such as films, books, shows, and another types of business’ products.

Videos are also the best medium to announce your new products launching or generally related to your company that your customers might be interested in. Promotional video is effective          because it is able to reach larger market than a meeting with limited amount of people at a pre-determined time.

·           Improve Communication
Google Hangouts for business simplify your communication with people. It is possible for you to build a group chat through the community just as you might have friends or followers on Facebook. This group chat allows you to discuss about industry news update, special promotions and offers, or any other business topic. This feature also enables you to host informal interviews as well as record the proceedings for the next posting so that people can see it, too. Aside from improving your business communication, Google Hangouts can also be used to look after technical support and online service calls, or even mentoring and coaching.

Several benefits of Google Hangouts for business as mentioned above have been utilized by prominent huge companies such as New York Times and Coca Cola. You can also participate using this app even for micro to small business.

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