Proven Health Benefits of Pomegranate Fruits

Pomegranate are one of those healthiest fruits that grow on earth. Many researches have shown that they load extraordinary advantages for your body that may lower the risk of all sorts of disease. In many cultures, pomegranates are even used as a symbol of hope and abundance. Sometimes referred to as the Chinese apple, pomegranates literally translate to seeded apple, yet study shows that it may even more nutrition. Health benefits of pomegranate fruits can also bolster your regular diet.


Health Benefits of Pomegranate Fruits to Supply Your Nutritional Needs

If you are wondering what are pomegranate fruits good for, here are a few health benefits they contain that have been proven by modern scientific research:
·           Pomegranates load important nutrients
Categorized as a berry, the look of pomegranate is attractive with its pink and red colors dominance. It is round like apple with a flower-shaped stem. The outer skin is thick and inedible and hundreds of edible seeds called arils within. And the arils are what people eat, either processed into juice or raw.

However, pomegranate have an outstanding nutrient profile. The arils contain of fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and folate. Since they are sweet, they also contain high sugar and calories.

·           Pomegranate may improve memory
The next health benefit of pomegranate fruits is its ability to improve memory. Some evidence shows that pomegranate fruits have potency in improving your memory both in the elderly and post-surgery. Moreover, studies in mice prove that this fruit can help to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

·           Pomegranate contain two plant compounds
Pomegranate loads powerful medicinal properties since it contains of two plant compounds that are responsible for most of the health benefits. The first substance is punicalagins. Punicalagins are rich in antioxidants, found in the peel and juice of pomegranate. Pomegranate juice have three times antioxidants activity of green tea and red wine due to the punicalagins. And the second substance is punicic acid or also known as pomegranate seed oil. In the arils, punicic acid is the main fatty acid. It is kind of conjugated linoleic acid which has potent biological effects.

·           Pomegranate help lower blood pressure
If you suffer for hypertension, consuming pomegranate may help to lower the level of your blood pressure. Since hypertension can drive you to stroke and heart attack, you need to be more careful in sorting what you consume that is able to make it relapse. One study shows that people with high blood pressure get significant reduction after drinking 150 ml of pomegranate juice everyday for two weeks.

·           Pomegranate improves exercise performance
Since pomegranate is rich in dietary nitrates, it is believed able to improve exercise performance. One study shows that drinking one gram of pomegranate extract 30 minutes before exercise will enhance blood flow significantly. This absolutely leads to an increase in exercise efficiency. Similar to beetroot juice, pomegranate is basically beneficial for physical performance.

That’s at least 5 health benefits of pomegranate fruits that are able to complement your nutritional needs. To gain those benefits, you can either eat the pomegranate arils directly or drink its juice.

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