Menswear Review: V-Neck T-Shirt for Street Style

V-neck tee is now commonly used by both men and women. As the flexible outfit, v-neck t-shirt is OK for any occasion, casual to semi-formal, used as a single top or as an inner. A lot of clothing brands produce v-neck shirt with a wide range of styles, even some of them are deliberately designed unisex. The material of this tee is usually better more comfortable than the average. In other words, V-neck t-shirt for street style is world widely popular due to its flexibility and mildness.


V-Neck T-Shirt for Street Style: Best Choices for Menswear

Here’s a little bit review of v-neck tees from several brands on the market for any man:
1.   Alternative Apparel Perfect V-Neck
As one of the greatest v-neck t-shirt for street style, this one has a name that reflects the quality. The reason behind its “perfect” name is that the neck of this shirt is low enough to hide under dress shirts yet never deviates into nipple territory. The sleeves are not too tight and  perfectly hug your arm. The hem falls at a midpoint just below the   waist.

2.   Vince Favorite T-Shirt
Vince Favorite t-shirt is best designed for shorter men. The hallmarks of this fantastic shirt include its soft, well-stretched pima cotton, sleeves that do not wing out, and sweat management. The v-neck comes a little closer to the collar bone. Just beware of the belly-button exposure if your height is below average.

3.   Tommy Hilfiger Classic V-Neck
The opposite of Vince Favorite T-Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Classic v-neck looks great for taller men. The sleeves, hem, torso, and v-neck of this tee are all in proportion. Its thicker cotton is probably better used for the colder days.

4.   Ribbed Tee Retrofit V-Neck
While another half polyester shirts would be sweat monsters, Ribbed Tee Retrofit v-neck comes with light fabric that you can even hardly to feel it. The fit of this vintage-inspired tee is trim yet slightly clingy, making it perfect under a dress shirt. It’s not a good idea to wear Ribbed Tee v-neck on its own, just combine with thicker patterned outer like jacket or flannel shirt and you will look gorgeous.

5.   Sunspel V-Neck T-Shirt
It’s not surprising that Sunspel produces superior quality England-made tees since this company is behind Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale great undershirts. What is more, the two-fold Egyptian cotton of its v-neck t-shirt feels super light under a jacket and shirt.

6.   Rated M Atelier V-Neck
Another recommended v-neck t-shirt for street style is Rated M’s design. Its atelier shirt is particularly made by a natural modal-cotton blend which feels remarkable. The bottom hem is somewhat weighted in order to create a good shape. It won’t be too AC Slater when you wear it on its own with a pair of jeans.

Those 6 brands that produce high quality v-neck t-shirts are all recommended for menswear. V-neck t-shirt for street style is usually designed casual especially for men because it is expected to suit any other clothing as the combination.

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