Fashion Styles for Apple-Shaped Women

At least there are 5 types of body women body shapes including apple, pear, strawberry, hourglass, and rectangle. Some are not sure about their shape so they have no idea how to dress up that fit the body since fashion tips usually doesn’t mention what best fit and what not best fit for every shape. Right now we will focus to discuss about fashion styles for apple-shaped women which comprehend solutions to discover styles that work for your figure.


Fashion Styles for Apple-Shaped Women: Ways to Dress Up!

Apple-shaped women are pretty in proportion but tend to carry weight around the mid section without a well-defined waist. The superiority of this shape is the fabulous legs and boobs. So in dressing up, you may show off those best bits and keep off to add more volume round your middle area.

The best fashion styles for apple-shaped women to flatter your figure is the empire line and longer length tops. Opt for lowish necklines in order to draw the eye upwards. While the best to avoid is short, boxy jackets and tiered or pleated skirts. Furthermore, these are another tips to dress up regarding the apple-shaped:

1.   Tops
Be smart in choosing what tops to wear because they are crucial for your whole appearance. Master the layering art to abbreviate your shape as well as emphasis your bust. Fine gauge materials are the best for this shape. It is also OK to wear tunics and another longer length tops. And to draw eyes away from your tum, shirts with sleeve details will help.

2.   Trousers
Your slender legs are indeed nice but do not try to show them off by wearing tight trousers as your middle area will look even bigger in contrast. The perfect pants for apple-shaped women are semi low rise, flat fronted ones. Boot cut or flared jeans will suit your shape as well. Last but not least, it’s better to choose wearing stretched trousers for the sake of your comfort.

3.   Dresses
Heavenly dresses related to the fashion styles for apple-shaped women include bias cut and empire line ones. This kind of dress will help you to hide your tummy. For more fabulous look, you may opt wrap styles and flared maxi dresses. Things to avoid regarding dress for apple-shaped women are belts, bows, and other waistline details. In addition, you need to be careful with both flouncy and jersey fabrics.

4.   Accessories
Talking about accessories, apple-shaped women must be grateful to be able express themselves to look fabulous. You can have fun with dangly earrings as well as big layered necklaces. For bags, try to use those with long shoulder trap. Avoid bulky bags which sit right under your arm and chunky buckled belts.

Fashion styles for apple-shaped women cover ways to dress up, what to wear and what to avoid, as elaborated above. Dressing up appropriately according to your body shape will support you to show off what you’ve got. So know first what your shape is before choosing what to wear.

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