Tips for the Perfect Vacation in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country rich in stunning natural beauty. The opportunities to have wonderful vacation in Indonesia are simply boundless. The dazzling features of the sea, mountains, nature and culture, all rolled into one package. The landscapes are very diverse, each beautiful in its own way. There are many beautiful, and even at times otherworldly sights in Indonesia. The sea and the mountain are amongst the most popular tourist destinations. Because Indonesia is an island nation, there are only too many untouched natural wonders to explore, with white sand and blue sky, as well as clear waves. Also, Indonesia only has too many mountains to explore. There are even some active volcanos.


The Oceanic Spots for Perfect Vacation in Indonesia

The first tip includes the perfect spot to satisfy your ocean calling. When it comes to oceanic vacation in Indonesia, of course you can never forget about Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat archipelago is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is the country’s pride and joy. Raja Ampat is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, namely, in the area of ​​West Papua. Raja Ampat is famous for its underwater beauty. Nearly half the world's species of fish could be found under Raja Ampat’s rolling ocean surface. Tropical fishes of varying color and patterns would be there to greet you. Diving there is simply breathtaking, as you immerse yourself in a whole another world.

This world is one that is yet untouched, as vacationing at Raja Ampat can be quite expensive, so not many people can go there. This is done purposefully in order to keep Raja Ampat from being too crowded and ruining the untouched beauty of this place. There are many high class inns available, serving only the best comfort and beauty. You will find nowhere else in this world that is as close to being heaven on earth.

The Mountain Ranges for Perfect Vacation in Indonesia

Not just the oceanic spots; the mountains of Indonesia are also known for being majestic and proud, standing tall and unconquerable. One of them could only be Mount Bromo. Never say you have had the perfect vacation in Indonesia if you have not visited Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is located in East Java, precisely within the boundaries of a vast national park. You will be able to enjoy the charm of the beauty of the sunrise, on top of the mountain, above the rolling clouds. It is a very charming view.

Another one of the lesser known tourist spot in Indonesia and one of the best is Lake Toba. The lake is located in the province of North Sumatra. Lake Toba is a lake that contains a small island in the middle, which is a rare and amazing natural characteristic. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, also the pride and joy of the people there. You would be very welcome to visit by the locals, because they simply love it if people enjoy vacation in Indonesia as much as they do.

There are many other places available for you to visit should you wish to enjoy the perfect vacation in Indonesia. Do not just go to Bali or any other overcrowded places. Indonesia is a country of hidden treasures. Go on an unbelievable adventure as you treasure hunt throughout the country.

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