Tips for Brighter Teeth using Natural Ingredients

A recent research shows that the first thing people will notice about you are your teeth. Depending on how white your teeth are and how blinding your smile is, people will form 60 percent of their first impression based on that. Therefore, following these tips for brighter teeth will not only make you look prettier as well as younger and cleaner—it will also brighten your day as people notice you more and more. With a blindingly white teeth, you will be more confident and be able to smile more without worrying about what people might think about you. That is because you already know what they think about you, with the way they cannot stop staring as you walk down the street with those pearly whites showing.


4 Tips for Brighter Teeth using Natural Ingredients

There are many things these days that conspire to cause you yellow teeth—coffee and tea are only some of them. But how are you supposed to stop consuming the? You cannot survive without your daily dose of caffeine and you cannot keep yourself from having a good afternoon tea. Well, no need to worry your head off, because there are tips for brighter teeth with natural ingredients you can use to get those pearly white teeth you desire so much. That is, as long as you do not smoke. If that is the case, then no amount of natural ingredients will be able to help as long as you keep going on with that bad habit.

The tips for brighter teeth involving the usage of all-natural ingredients are:
  • Banana Peel
To get the benefits of a banana peel, simply brush your teeth as you usually would, then after you have rinsed all the foam off, take a ripe banana, peel it, scrape out the insides of it, the apply that to the front of your teeth—the part which will be most obvious when you grin and say cheese. Or, you can also simply rub the banana peel in its entirety to your teeth, without scraping it out first. Although the peel can taste quite bitter as it touch your tongue.
  • Baking Soda
Baking soda is the magic ingredient when it comes to tips for brighter teeth. Simply taking a half teaspoon of this product, then combining it with the same amount of table salt will create for you a homemade toothpaste that works better than all the other commercial ones. It is cheap and easy and effective. What more could you ask for?
  • Strawberries
Strawberries are not only for eating—they are also for tooth brushing. Pick out a fresh few from your refrigerator then smash them without mercy. After that, dip your toothbrush to the homemade pink toothpaste mixture then simply brush your teeth.
  • Milk
Coffee and tea are bad for your teeth, but if you simply must have them, add milk into the thick goodness. It will make the beverage less likely to stain your teeth permanently.

How Following These Tips for Brighter Teeth Will Help

As long as you deign to follow one or all of these tips for brighter teeth regularly, the result could be seen within the first week of application. With brighter teeth, people will like you more. That is something that has been proven scientifically. Following these tips for brighter teeth will make you more attractive.

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