Outfit of Muslim Fashion Style for Party

Party has been a part of our daily life. A party is held for special occasion such as wedding, graduation, birthday, and so forth. Dress code is a compulsory in every party. But in general, party outfit for men is usually a tuxedo and for women is a dress. There is a difference between Western outfit party with outfits of muslim fashion style for party. Party dresses for Islamic women tend to be fully covered the entire body combined with scarf.  Most of Islamic women cover their heads, but many do not. Islamic women outfits is getting more attractive lately.


Latest modern Muslim fashion style for special occasion can be made and designed with several fabrics. Taffeta, chiffon, and brookat are three of the most famous fabrics for party dress. However, one material can not stand alone, it should be combined with another application in order to make a good-looking dress.

Muslim Fashion Style for Party

There are a lot of design and material for Islamic women party dresses, among others are:

1. Kaftan
Kaftan, or caftan, is an adaption of robe. This kind of long dress has actually been worn by several countries with particular cultures since years ago. Kaftan can be made of cotton, silk, chiffon, and even wool. Though it is an ancient style, but kaftan does exist until today due to its evolution. As time goes by, kaftan changes its styles and purposes depending on the culture. In Pakistan, Persia, and other middle eastern countries, kaftan is a daily wear. Simple or regal, most women admit that kaftan is comfortable to wear since the fabric is not restrictive and the design is not skin tight.

Kaftan today is worn for party and designed luxuriously. Conventional kaftans tend to cover the length of the whole arm, while the modern ones may even short-sleeved. Especially for party, kaftan is usually combined with sequin or swarovsky in the neckline and along the edge of the dress as the accent. Shining fabrics and stones do make a dress look more sophisticated. Scarf to match kaftan is better a simple and plain one.

2. Tunic
Muslim fashion style for party also includes tunic. Tunic is a simple design of garment which reaches from the shoulders to hips and the ankles. Tunic has been worn in ancient Rome for years by both men and women. But today, tunic’s design has totally changed . It is almost worn exclusively by women only. There are several types of this dress. The first one is basic belted tunic. Basic belted tunic is a tunic dress with a belt. It is best worn for women with distinctive hourglass shape figure. And then there is flowing tunic. This type is made of delicate smooth fabric and worn better with a belt to make a flattering waistline. The other kind is fitted tunic. It’s a tighter tunic that tries to emphasize waistline without having to wear belt. For a party, Islamic women like to wear a medium-tight pant as the combination of tunic dress.

Kaftan and tunic are indeed flexible and often to find in any party. That’s why muslim fashion style for party considers these design as the most comfortable dresses.

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