How to Choose Job Offers for Fresh Graduates

One fact that we all know: finding the right job is not that easy, whether you are a fresh graduate who just started in seeking job, or you are currently in the mood to move on from your current company. But sometimes, you can even receive multiple job offers at once if you are lucky. You may compare one company to another, but this situation is actually not that good. Instead you will be faced with a lot of things to consider, from the salary up to career advancement opportunities. So, how to choose job wisely without having to be worried if you have gone to the wrong choice?


How to Choose Job Wisely

1. Set priorities
A job search consultant and principal, Kelly Donovan, explained that the most important things in looking for a job will depend on where you are at in your life and career. She then advised that top priority could be compensation, or it could be acquiring new experience and skills. As you sort and evaluate job offers, you also need to make sure you know and understand your current priorities.

2. Arrange a list of your requirement
The second step of how to choose a job is to make a list of what you really expect in the upcoming job. Before choosing one job offer that you would like to follow, firstly you can compare the offers to your list and check which one most fits your requirement and criteria.

3. Research the company’s culture
This is noteworthy because every company has its own culture, which is different with another. When you enter a new company, you will mingle with new people with new culture. Consider the environment of the organization, whether it will help you escalating your career development or not. The salary is not going to matter if you do not feel happy with your job and the company, and this will impact to your performance.

4. Focus on your future
Especially for fresh graduates, in the first place you need specify what career you will focus on so that you can focus on your future as well. If you have received some job offers, consider first what type of career path that you can expect from that position, is there an opportunity for you to build skills and learn new thing that will be beneficial in the future.

5. Consider a long-term satisfaction
The last tips of how to choose job wisely is to consider long-term satisfaction. After you feel that the job offer you choose is worthwhile, then you need to make sure that you will have a long-term position there. In the interview session, think and find out about the roles and tenure of the company then determine whether you can see yourself fitting into the company and the people for a fairly long time or not.

Back in the first place, finding a job that fits yourself is not easy. But you can simplify your requirement to the job offers you receive by passing those five steps above. Remember that if it’s worth it, it will take process. How to choose job is not about getting it quickly right after you graduate, but it’s about finding career that will guarantee your life.

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