Muslim Fashion Style With Chiffon

Muslim fashion style is now getting more modern day by day. Islamic clothing can be made of many fabrics; cotton, chiffon, taffeta, and many more. But in recent years muslim fashion style with chiffon is apparently preferred. Chiffon, also named as Georgette, is a lightweight yet soft, and transparent fabric. Chiffon itself is divided into several types, among others are polyester silk chiffon, silk chiffon, and artificial several of chiffon. This material is most suitable for elegant look like party dress.


Since it is transparent and light, chiffon fabric has to be combined with another fabric, especially for Muslim clothing. Velvet or silk material is often used as the inner before chiffon as the outer. We can see that so many designers are now exploring their design, using this material and combined with another in order to invent a new style, a new trend. As well as Muslim fashion style, it grows rapidly with characteristic in every country. In general, there are plenty of clothing types that can be used with chiffon fabric. Particularly for Muslim, we can design our own dress and costume with chiffon as the combination fabric.

Muslim Fashion Style with Chiffon

1. Scarf
About three or four years later, chiffon fabric has been trending for the usage of scarf. Women love to wear chiffon hijab because it is flexible in any style for any occasion. Chiffon hijab is usually made as pashmina with the average size of 110x70 centimeters. Not only plain chiffon, but nowadays there are tons of chiffon motive fabric that are cute for hijab style. Glitter accent is also OK for evening party.

2. Abaya
Almost every Islamic women around the world must have this kind of clothing. Yes, abaya is the greatest invention of Muslim's wear. If you live in the Middle East, abaya is even flexible to wear for any occasion, from the non-formal up to super formal event. Abaya today has so many shape and variety, and the color is actually not only black. We can find abaya design with bright and shining colors such as green, blue, and even white. Chiffon material is perfect as the layer of your abaya

3. Skirt
For you who don’t really like to wear pants, skirt is likely the only alternative. muslim fashion style with chiffon includes skirt as one of its clothing. Maxi layered skirt seems stylish and trendy for semi-formal occasion. And since it is commonly used as the outer, you have to wear a pant or any other inner before the chiffon skirt. To add an accent, a ribbon with similar fabric or a buckle will perfect your look. Chiffon skirt is best combined with shirt or maybe a denim blazer.

4. Long Dress
Chiffon long dress is now everywhere. If you would like to put chiffon fabric for the entire of your dress, you will need two to four meters to cover. For formal dress, velvet or taffeta seems great for the inner. You can design your long dress with many layers and accents if you like. But plain chiffon will look elegant, too. Kaftan is one of the best chiffon long dresses that we can find in almost Arabic events.

Those are four outfits of muslim fashion style with chiffon. It is one of the best fabrics that survives trending every year because chiffon is flexible to wear and combine. And not only plain, chiffon has also various patterns so that you can match it with your other outfit.

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