Most Popular Short Men Hairstyles

The best short hairstyles for men are those with simplicity and elegant look. Men hairstyles do affect the overall appearance. Men need to look cool and calm supported by their haircut. Short hair for men will never get boring. In 2015, short style at the sides and back of the head, and thick on top, is fairly trending. This works for any shape of head. Besides, textured cuts style is also dominated in this era. If you are now looking for a new hairstyle, here we provide you some alternatives:


Recommended Men Hairstyles

1. Angular fringe
In 2014, the angular fringe was widely popular among male fashion top models. As well as in 2015, this haircut is still trending. The style looks great by its tapered sides, but cut at angle and long at the top layer. Though this haircut is best for men with round face, it still looks cool for all face shapes.

2. Slicked back
Slicked back haircuts is quite simple with a little longer hair on the top and short on the both sides and back. This hairstyle fits for men who tend to play with their fashion. To keep it neat, you can put a little hair gel and create a bedhead or spiked style only in a few minutes.

3. Simple casual
Simple casual hairstyle is general yet classic, but still survives year by year. It is similar with the slicked back style and can be maximized with a styling cream or hair gel. Simple casual haircut is easy to maintain when you keep it longer on the top and short on the sides.

4. Brushed up
Not too much different with the other styles, brushed up haircut is a little bit longer on the top and shorter on the sides and back. It is included as classic hairstyle and can be adapted to shorter hair. Some hair gel or pomade will help you quickly styling your brushed up hair.

5. Side part pompadour
Pompadours hairstyles have been trending throughout fashion history since it fits with various lengths of hair, either short or long on top. Pomade will make your side part pompadour hair stays tidy.

6. Short sides and back
Men hairstyles of short sides and back is an ideal selection for those who like to add a uniqueness touch to their style. Top part is cut long layered while the back and the sides keep short. The characteristic of this haircut is the tapered style at the front.

7. Side part
This hairstyle is considered sexy because of its semi-bald side part. It works better if you have long enough hair to make it contrast with the other side. It’s an ideal style for men with hectic activities that don’t have a lot of time in making their hair looks great, side part style can be adjusted in a few seconds.

And those are seven men hairstyles inspirations for you to consider. Before deciding to change your look, you can do a little research and look for another recommendation what haircut is best for your face shape.

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