Maternity Muslim Fashion Style

Most women are worried in getting maturer and growing old. Being pregnant and then having babies scares them to not be able looking beautiful and stylish anymore. But who said that? Who said you can’t be a stylish young mother? For Islamic women, now you can find any kind of maternity Muslim fashion style. There are several styles of outfit that you can consider to wear if you are above 30 years old.


Maternity Muslim Fashion Style

1. Jersey jumpsuit
Jumpsuit is a very comfortable yet stylish outfit. It is originally referred as a one piece garment with sleeves and legs. Jumpsuit reappeared in fashion world since it attracts designers and the wearers because jumpsuit has an unbroken part from the neck to the feet, and fits to some body shape. Jumpsuit is best made of jersey fabric because it is not transparent so you don’t need to wear an inner anymore. Zipper or buttons along the chest line usually used as the opening space in wearing jumpsuit. Mature females love to wear jumpsuit because it helps them to look younger.

2. Abaya
Actually abaya is suitable for women at any age. But the mature ones like to wear it more often because yet, abaya is flexible for any occasion especially if you live in the Middle East. Nowadays there a lot of abaya designs with so many colors. Yes, today’s abaya is not only black. You will find any shades of abaya colors on the market such as white, brown, and other pale colors. A long and lightweight scarf will be perfect to match abaya.

3. Shirt dress
If you still like to wear pants, a shirt dress may be the alternative to combine. Shirt dress design can include a cuffed sleeves, a collar, or a button in the front. It’s called dress because the length is beyond ankles. Do not wear shirt dress with skirt because it will make you appearance too layered. One belt is OK to emphasize your body shape.

4. Kaftan
For a semi-formal and formal occasion, wear kaftan. Maternity Muslim fashion style will always include kaftan as women’s most favorite dress. It is stylish and luxurious. Moreover, women love to wear kaftan because it is lightweight and not skin-tight. Fabrics like chiffon and silk are best for kaftan. And for more sophisticated look, you can put an accent like swarovsky in the neckline and sequin along the edge of the dress.

5. Long cardigan
Cardigan with a length as high as our body looks like a robe, or also called long cardigan. Long cardigan is fashionable when you match and mix it with another outfits such as jeans pant and no-sleeve shirt. Not only plain, but long cardigan is cute with pattern such as vertical or horizontal line, or even abstract. A belt will perfect this combination if you are confident enough. Don’t forget to wear high heels!

Besides those five clothing, as a mature female you can be fashionable with another designs but still refers to your own style. Maternity Muslim fashion style is not about the outfits, but it’s about who that wears them.

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