How to Improve Email Marketing Strategy for Business

If we are talking about marketing, we are absolutely talking about strategy. Strategy that basically aims to get customers to buy or use our product. One of those strategies that is considered useful is by email. Yes, email marketing strategy is indeed powerful to reach potential buyers. As long as the planning goes on track, it can boost a lot visitors to your website. The strategy is all about knowing what your subscribers expect and loading quality contents.


Update Your Email Marketing Strategy!

For digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs, here we provide great tips regarding email marketing strategy to improve your campaign:

·       Creating a virtual focus group
The main point of sending email marketing is to give you subscribers what they want. So make sure that in the first place they will open your email and check what’s on it. In order to make it effective and not useless, you need to do a little customer research and observation. Many brands seem too impersonal and very corporate to the clients and customers. Hence, creating a virtual group may worthwhile for the customers to approach you and vice versa. This, too, can be the medium to discuss about the latest products and how the customers respond. You will get beneficial feedback directly.

·       Arranging a content schedule
In email marketing strategy, it's impossible to to create a promotional email or newsletter at the last minute because the preparation will effect the content. That’s why you highly need to plan ahead about what will you give to the customers. One of the best ways is to create a content schedule and arrangement. Co-founder and chief marketing officer of eligibility verification service provider SheerID, Marci Hansen, once said that “great content takes time”. He advises to create a calender for email marketing campaigns and brainstorm ideas in advance for the content. What do you need on your content calender is picking the date when will the email will be spread so you can determine the deadline.

·       Using persuasive yet catch-phrases
Executive vice president of growth at training and consultant organization CHARFEN, Justin LeVrier, stated that the best way to upgrade and increase click-troughs is to shorten the sentence and use catch phrases. This will attract people to get more information. But you have to make sure that what the subscribers click is valuable to for them so that they won’t be dissapointed and keep the subscription.

·       Following up
Following up is a must, but don’t do it with every email blast you send since it will surely bother your subscribers. Follow up every once in a while, keep the customers updated with your products and receive their feedbacks to innovate your next campaigns.

That’s four tactics you can apply to your email marketing strategy. Besides, you can also utilize marketing automation to help you spread the email. In brief, marketing strategy is all about approaching the customers in person and keep in touch with them.

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