Health Benefits of Guava and Tips to Use It

Guava is a pretty exotic fruit, mostly found in tropical areas with a hot and humid climate. Guava tastes sweet and although it could be a bit tinted with bitterness also, many people find the taste of guava to be pleasing. The health benefits of guava may also be one of the reasons why this fruit has been revered to as one of the best summer fruits. Guava, like many other fruits, contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that could promote the building of good health even in the frailest of bodies. Guava in popular culture has been used for culinary adventures. Guava is both delicious and nutritious and eating it is good for the body.


Guava is a popular fruit that is commonly used to make juice as well as other types of beverages in various parts of the world. Added with a dash of sugar and other spices, it holds the capability to become a good gourmet drink indeed. The sweet and rather thick aftertaste of this fruit leaves a freshness as it slides down the throat, especially if it is drank when still cold. Using this fruit to make punch, smoothie, and even gourmet sauce is also a popular practice found everywhere in this world. Guava is truly a multi-purpose and popular fruit. Currently, worldwide production and consumption of this fruit is mostly found in India.

The Health Benefits of Guava

Guava has been used for thousands of years in the countries and areas where it is native to as folk or traditional medicine. Research has shown that guava does indeed contain many useful vitamins and nutrients. Some of the health benefits of guava include:
o    Promoting Good Digestive System
Guava contains plenty of dietary fiber. Drinking a fresh glass of guava juice each morning of every day would promote a good dietary system and reduce the chance of contracting constipation.
o    Promoting Good Skin Health and Beauty
A single piece of guava contains four times the vitamin C contained within an orange. Orange is usually the go-to fruit when one thinks about vitamin C, so this speaks volumes about the guava’s amazing power in the world of nutrients and health benefits. As you may well know, vitamin C is useful for the tightening of skin and rejuvenation of facial health. Drinking a glass of fresh guava juice every morning will not only slim you down as your digestive system improves—it will also beautify you immensely.
o    Promoting Good Immune System
Another of the many health benefits of guava is its ability to promote and strengthen immune system within the body as well as strengthen it to be better able to face the day. Guava contains a wealth of vitamins, not just vitamin C. Others include vitamin A, selenium, beta carotene, as well as zinc—all very useful nutrients for improving the body’s overall health conditions.

How to Use the Health Benefits of Guava

When it comes to how to use the health benefits of guava, simply putting together several peeled pieces of the fruit, adding some cool water, and pushing the button to make your blender come to life would be enough. Drinking a glass of guava juice each morning will bring you a wealth of benefits. Also, if you would like to employ the lesser known health benefits of guava which could make your facial skin shinier and smoother, simply mix the juice with olive oil to create a paste, then rub it to your face. 

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