Fashion Tips For Body Types

It’s a lot easier to dress up beautifully when you know what outfits look best for your body shape. Because one piece that works to someone, doesn’t necessarily work to another. Body shape of women is divided at least into four categories namely circle, rectangle, triangle, and hourglass. Circle is the shape that’s thick around the middle, while rectangle is straight up and down. Triangle type is usually larger at the bottom, and curvy but proportioned belongs to hourglass body shape. Whatever your body type is, you need to identify what style that fit the most by following fashion tips for body types.


Fashion Tips For Body Types: Selecting The Right Clothes

If all this time you have been selecting apparels only based on their fineness, you have to alter that method. In selecting the right clothes, do not only check about the clothes’ quality, but see also your whole body. Do they fit on you and make you look good? To answer that question, you can start by knowing what kind of body shape you own and what clothes fit the best. Fashion tips for body types below will explain to you:

·       Circle Body Shape
Pregnant women are categorized into this type because circle body shape tends to gain more weight around the middle. Clothes that work best should be loose in the midsection in order to hide a full stomach or maybe a few post-pregnancy pounds. Women with circle body type are highly advised to avoid wearing tops or accessories that draw attention to the middle like belts, waist-cinching tops, and high-rise pants.

·       Rectangle Body Shape
Rectangle type is commonly considered boyish since its figure is straight-up-and-down plus little definition at the waist. Whether skirt or pants, choose for styles that flare out your bottom but fit snugly at the middle. This trick works to create curves. On the other hand, rectangle body shape needs to avoid wearing tight dresses or anything unstructured or flowy around the waist.

·       Triangle Body Shape
If you have torso and shoulders that are narrower than your hips, you are the triangle body shape. Almost outfits work well to this body type, you just need to avoid some like skinny pants and jeans, over-sized and shapeless sweaters, and skirts with curve-hugging fabric like velvet and silk.

·       Hourglass Body Shape
Seen from any angle, hourglass shape is the most proportioned body type. It has a narrow waist, an ample chest, and full but not really wide hips. Since your curves are naturally great, you better opt for clothes that work and move with them. Some styles that should be avoided by hourglass body shape among others are tunics, over-sized cardigans, and shapeless shirts like baby-doll style.

By following these fashion tips for body types, at least you can look more balance between the body and the outfits. But the simplest basic advice is to be confident in anything you wear, as long as it’s not too much.

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