Essential Steps to Create Mobile-Based Apps

The latest research revealed that the average time of people spend using mobile applications has increased 21 percent in last year and 85 percent of the consumers prefer to use mobile apps to mobile webs. In business point of view, this data proves that mobile-based apps are a promising media to connect between the company and either the customers or clients through their smart gadgets. The difference between mobile app and mobile web that shows an obvious sign that mobile apps are unique is that the consumers have an interest in the products or services because they download the apps.

CEO of Bizness Apps, Andrew Gazdecki, said that mobile apps are one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty, engagement, commerce, scheduling, and communication. But before deciding to build a mobile app, you need to make sure whether doing so will benefit the customers or not. If it will simplify the ordering process with an app, or deliver something valuable for customers, then it’s worth to invest.


How to Build a Mobile-Based Apps

There are at least two options to create a mobile-based apps. The first option is by using a do-it-yourself online service, or to hire a digital consultant or firm to develop it for your company.

·       DIY services
The platform of DIY services is providing tools to create and then publish the application. This option is suitable fro small businesses, they can choose any online services to build and develop their own mobile apps based on their preference. You don’t have to an IT engineer with excellent background of tech or even coding to build a mobile app through DIY services. Such services include easy step-by-step instructions on how to design a mobile app. Current services even allow you to not only creating app for iOS and Android operating system, but also for Blackberry and Windows phones.

The other advantages of DIY-apps service are how quickly apps can be designed with a very minimum budget. If you already have the concept of the application, you will take less than an hour to accomplish building it with this kind of service. Some services will charge a monthly fees which have included hosting cost and proper placement in the app stores. The only down side of using this service is that you can not design a fully custom application for particular purpose.

·       App consultant services
If you don’t prefer DIY services, you may go to the other option by involving third party. App developer will give you a more sophisticated mobile-based apps with more features. There will be a discussion between you and the developer to determine what kind of application will fit your needs before they work on the design. The advantage of working with mobile app consultant is it can get you to the market more successfully than trying to figure out your own new brand business. And the disadvantage is likely about the cost. Since the app is customize, it will cost more than DIY service.

To create a business mobile-based apps, besides deciding whether to use DIY services or hand over to the app consultant, you also need to specify what type of applications most appropriate for your products or services. One of the most familiar apps is business-to-customer app which usually includes mobile versions of the company’s website, apps that work to connect the business and the customers, or even fun apps which draw awareness and attention to a brand.

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