Beauty Tips for the Perfect Eyes

Deciding what type of eye shape you have is pretty much as vital as discovering the most complimenting hues for your eye shadow. Beauty could be accomplished by touching up the eyes, even if you do not pay attention to other parts of your face. Knowing how to apply the right type of eye shadow and liner for your particular eye shape will assist you with making an interpretation of patterns and methods to fit your face. Certain eye shapes need the help of certain lines to make them shine, and you can achieve that.


Several Types of Eye Shapes and The Appropriate Make-Up Methods

The term beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true enough, but the secret to profound charm also lies in your own eyes. There are several types of eye shapes that you would need to know. After you have learned about them, determine which type you have and touch up your eyes accordingly. The common eye shapes include:
  • Big Eyes
Big eyes are extensive and set more profoundly into the skull, making the image of a more conspicuous forehead bone. Experts recommend dusting around the eyes so as to light up the regular shadowing on a beige or warm metallic tone. Beauty is achieved in big eyes by highlighting your already profound feature.
  • Monolid
Monolid eye shapes are slanted at first glance and do not have a profoundly folded eyelid, if any. The fine bone structure along the temples of monolids is less characterized, so you would want to make that part pop out. Make definition and the image of curving lines on the level surface of your face with an angle of eye shadow, starting from dim and working to light. Beauty in monolid is achieved by making the eyes seem bigger and bone structure seem more prominent.
  • Hooded Eyelids
Hooded eyes highlight an additional layer of skin that hangs over the eyelids. Because of that, the fold seems to be less pronounced. You would want to draw more attention to the fold. First, diffuse darker shadow over and out past the fold. Line the top waterline tightly to increase and extend your eye shape, and thicken the base of your lashes. Beauty in hooded eyelids eye type should strive to tone down the top layer and drawing more attention to the fold.
  • Upturned Eyes
The upturned eyes takes the type of a fantastic almond shape, with a characteristic lift at the external corner. The lower fold has a bigger accentuation and looks longer than the top. You would want to achieve balance between the two. Apply dim shadow or pencil liner along the external corner to cut down the lifted impact. Beauty in upturned eyes would make good use of the assets you already have.
  • Downturned Eyes
Downturned eyes have a slight dropping on the external corners. This is the ideal shape for making a provocative feline's eye shape. Apply a fluid liner along the top and augment outward and upward at a 45 degree edge. Beauty in downturned eyes would make the line seem a little more sharp and uplifting.

Either way, whichever eye shape type you have, remember that beauty is already within the grasp of your hands. All you have to do is accentuate some of the good points you already have in order to draw more attention to your best assets.

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