Tips for Men’s Casual Fashion Style at Office

Not all works require uniforms or formal suits; men’s casual fashion style can also be applied at many companies that have casual or semi formal dress codes. Even some formal companies allow employees to come with slightly toned down clothes for casual Friday. However, since you are still at a workplace, even casual clothes must still be worn properly, and with the right fashion items to wear. Make sure to not committing fashion faux pas even when your company allows you to wear casual clothes.


Men’s Casual Fashion Ensembles for Office

If you want to wear casual men’s casual fashion style to work, but not sure how to pull it off without looking inappropriate, here are some ensembles you can try at office:

  • Wear buttoned down, long sleeved shirt with striped patterns, and a pair of straight denim pants, combined with leather loafers. Tuck out the shirt and skip the tie, but make sure to button up the cuffs.
  • Combine a white shirt with tweed jacket or V-neck sweater with subdued color, and a pair of slacks (if you do not want to wear denim pants). However, pair them with proper accessories such as wristwatch and leather loafers or work shoes.
  • For semi formal look, wear tailored pants or slacks combined with long sleeved shirt and sweater, and then roll the sleeves to give the casual vibe.
  • For super casual environment, wear a pair of simple denim pants with dark color, and simple sweater with slightly lighter tone. Pair them with work shoes, belts and wristwatch.
If you do not work at companies that make you face customers directly, you can tone down the men’s casual fashion style a notch. Short sleeved shirt or even long sleeved shirt with rolled sleeves are okay as long as you pair them with sensible pants, work shoes, and proper accessories.

How to Look Professional in Men’s Casual Fashion Style
Although there are many ways you can look casual at workplace, but there are still many rules to follow when it comes to work dress code. For example, even if it is okay for you to wear denim pants, make sure they are neat with subdued color that matches various colors of your top, without holes or frays. The same things apply for tailored pants; besides having no holes, make sure the pants are ironed neatly. Ironing all the ensemble pieces are important to look neat at workplace; even if you dress with formal clothes, not ironing them will give bad impression.

As for accessories, the common rules for workplace dress codes still apply; do not wear something more outrageous than belt with neutral color, patterned tie (but not the novelty one), socks, work shoes and wristwatch (except maybe if your workplace allow you to wear sneakers). Skip the strong perfume or fragrance, and better pass all your multiple piercings until you are in casual events outside the office. By choosing proper men’s casual fashion style for work, you can look professional and sharp even in casual clothes at work.

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