Tips for Healthy Life and Fighting Emotional Eating

Avoiding mindless eating is one of the most important tips for healthy life, but when you are stressed, chances are you do exactly that. Emotional eating is a term for mindless eating people do because of emotional stress and not actual hunger (imagine wolfing down chocolate bars, ice cream or pizza when stressed or sad). As you may imagine, this habit will wreak havoc on your body thanks to the excessive calorie and sugar intake.


Luckily, you can prevent this by following the right health tips to avoid emotional eating.

Tips for Healthy Life and Managing Stress

Managing your stress is important in tips for healthy diet, but there are many causes and types of stress. Here is how to avoid emotional eating by managing stress:

  • Managing time and workload by creating priority list. Having priority list will help you finishing all your daily tasks on time, or at least within the period you want them to be finished. This way, you can control your stress better and feel that you have stronger self control, which will also be good in controlling your diet.
  • Do not focus on perfection on weight loss. If you are in the middle of weight loss program, it is easy to lapse into unhealthy eating habit again when your perfect goal is disrupted. The key is not to holding on to perfect results (bikini body in 2 weeks despite the fact that you are obese, for example), but create sets of small goals that you can reach easily. This will motivate you and reduce the stress.
  • Have options for stress management. Even if you are busy, pick one or two activities that you can use to escape the daily hassle, and actually make you feel happy and soothed. Having time for simple things that soothe you such as reading book, do meditation or listening to music can really help in stress management.

These tips for healthy life will help you balancing between physical and mental health, and reducing risk of mindless eating because of stress.

Tips for Healthy Life with Some Cheats
Mindless eating is not good for your health, but being too restricted and discipline in eating can make you feel stressed, which will make you turn to mindless eating again. Besides having good stress management and setting up realistic goals for daily life (including for diet), you can create days of cheating as further motivation to keep the healthy eating habit.

For example, when you are invited to parties and other events, allow yourself to eat the dishes, but with small portions plus some compromising (for example, you eat the chips and cake, but drink only water). Also, set up the cheating period, such as every 3 days of dieting, in which you allow yourself to eat some ice cream or chips with controlled portion. Combine these with stress management and you can lose mindless eating habit.

Eating healthily and reducing stress are tips for healthy life you should follow especially in this modern world, because this way, you can avoid mindless eating and other stress-related problems.

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