Tips for Healthy Diet If You Run a Lot

Running is a cheap and versatile sport, but you need proper tips for healthy diet if you want your running activity to actually show results with time. Just like regular diet, runner’s diet also depends on several important things: focusing on the quality of food groups, controlling the portions instead of restricting the daily meals, and choosing the right nutritional sources that help with your running activities. With some determination and discipline, this is not something difficult to do, and you can apply it right now.


Tips for Healthy Diet for Runners

Running requires lots of energy and high amount of cell-building nutrition to repair muscle damage after you do running session (especially if it is quite straining). If you are a runner, a professional athlete or just run for hobby, here are some tips for healthy diet you can immediately apply:

  • Improve the main nutrition you eat. Instead of simple carbohydrate, consume complex carbohydrate source such as whole wheat products. Complex carbohydrate contains more fiber and vitamins, which make you more alert, ready, and not experiencing hunger pangs. Also, balance between plant-based protein and animal-based one, as well as some fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Plan for healthy snacks. If you run, you will need snacks to fulfill the hunger that usually happens between afternoon and evening. The snacks can be something simple such as nuts, chocolate covered raisins, plain crackers with peanut butter, and many more.
  • Manage for balanced portions. Eating regularly with regulated portions is better than eating much at one point and too little at another point. For example, an ideal carbohydrate source food in a standard plate size is as big as tennis ball, while three lean cuts of meat as big as a deck of cards.
  • Drink much water. When you are running, it is important to stay hydrated. If your nutrition is balanced, you do not need to drink fancy electrolyte water (except maybe you do marathon and need extra liquid).
  • Always eat healthy breakfast. Eating substantial breakfast is one of the most important tips for healthy diet for runners, because it gives energy and stamina, and helps your body alleviating stress as well as having mere freedom here and there.

As runners, you need to remember what you need to eat to keep running every day, and gaining the benefits.

Tips for Healthy Diet: Eat Protein
It is easy to forget adding lean protein sources into your daily portion, especially since protein sources we eat is usually something with fat, such as fried bacon, deep fried batter chicken, or fried eggs. However, we need protein and fat to rebuild muscle cells, but they must not be excessive in order to fulfill your ideal daily consumption chart. Therefore, make sure everything is balanced and you will not be likely to change again.

Also, do not forget to drink much water and bring water supplies every day. Besides the above tips for healthy diet, you also need to drink enough in a day to stay healthy and hydrates; only drink electrolyte water if you run more than 30 minutes.

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