The Bold Relationship Of Health And Beauty

Health is human first priority that should be maintained. Healthy people will always look fresh and have normal function of their body parts. Human health and beauty is really affected by food and daily activities. A person who eats natural food and does exercise or physical activities is considered have a good condition. In reverse, the one who often consume junk food and have too many passive activities may get obesity and unhealthy body.

It is clearly seen that healthiness has bold relationship to the physical appearance. A woman who always concern to keep their body healthy will look beautiful because she has great skin, ideal body and also healthy hair. If a woman suffers hair fall, dry body skin and obesity, it can be concluded that she may have unhealthy condition. The outer look can give glance about the health condition. Health and beauty is a unity that can be separated.


Keep Your Health and Beauty will Follow

As women are always interested to look charming in public, they must firstly pay attention to their condition. Sometimes, they do dangerous and unhealthy attempts for their beauty. For example: tight calorie diet, illegal plastic surgery and overtime exercise. They hope they will get an instant effect of their effort. However, they never think about the risk of taking those actions.

For the sake of health and beauty, women simply can control their appetite and consume only nutritious food and drink more water. Fruits and Vegetables are the main meals that can be listed as the daily menu. They have a lot of minerals and vitamins that is needed. Nutritious food combined with physical activities, such as: gymnastic, jogging, and swimming, will be a health booster.

Younger Look Because of Health and Beauty
We may ever read in newsfeed of the social media about a 50s years old lady who still looks like 20 years old girl. How it can be? Indeed, the woman really focuses on her body health. She has raw food diet and leaves her vehicle in the garage. She regularly goes on foot to reach her office and also other places she wants. In the spare time, she also has joyful time with friends, family and husband. This fact surely supports the opinion that health and beauty really connected.

Looking back to the woman habit, her daily menu is dominantly set with raw foods. Raw vegetables still have the numerous useful substances for our body. Since it is serve draw, the enzymes and vitamin are still alive and preserved. However, raw vegetables have the risk of bacteria and pesticide contamination. Before we can eat them, you should clean them well. You can use apple cider to clean the vegetables.

When you have the secret of having younger look, you can try to change your habit now. When we have high quality level of health, the cell regeneration in the body will normally happen. So, you can have your gorgeous appearance last long so that you can have the best look of health and beauty as well.

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