Natural Beauty of Women

All women in the world will always concern with their look. Wearing fancy dress, luxury shoes, jewelry and make up on their face, they just want to say that they are beautiful. Indeed, women are naturally beautiful in many ways. People have different opinions of beauty, some think it relates to the look and the rest says it is not merely about appearance. Natural beauty ofwomen are defined in many various ways.

Most of women think that having appealing impression is very important. They will do anything to be the limelight. There is a famous saying told us that beauty is pain. Women can spend most of the time in a salon. They take beauty treatments that sometime hurting. Cleaning the pimples and hair wax are the example of agonizing efforts to improve their look.

Natural Beauty
Women also regularly do exercises to get their ideal body. They can have aerobic, yoga and Pilates to burn the body fat. More extremely, some women even have plastic surgery for younger, sexy and perfect look. When they have time in the mirror, there must be part of their body that doesn’t look good in their eyes. Spending much money, energy and time, women always seek the best for their physical appearance. 

Natural Beauty of a Woman

Cosmetics and exercise are normal enhancement of obtaining pretty face and sexy body. Meanwhile, artificial beauties through surgery can be dangerous, if it is done without any doctor recommendation. For example: you have silicone injection in a beauty salon or have illegal surgery in a clinic. Some women may have obsession to copy their idol face and have so many enhancement with surgery. It seems that they lost their natural beauty.

As the desire of being enchanted, women forget that they actually look beautiful. As they see their reflection at the mirror, they essentially only see imperfectness. In fact, other people will say that they are already good looking. Most of men will not argue that a woman is beautiful because she blushes expensive thick make up on her face. Each person has different standard of determining whether a woman is beautiful or not.

Natural beauty is a gift from God to women. A woman who is naturally attractive usually has pretty face and polite behavior. Some women with ordinary look can also charm people around them. They have inner beauty that cannot be create and enhance in a salon or surgery clinic. Inner beauty here refers to the clever mind and behavior.

Women with gorgeous face and sexy physical body somehow lose their charisma if they don’t maintain the inner beauty. For example: many public figures suddenly lost their popularity because of their behavior. It is important to note that people will no longer see physical appearance, if they start to know you. They will see your heart and realize about who really you are.As my humble opinion, I will not say that having beauty enhancement is not necessary. Let’s highlight the main point that inner health and beauty is also important to reveal your natural beauty

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