Men’s Fashion Clothing Basic Tips for Daily Look

Looking good is not just a woman’s territory; men’s fashion clothing style is also an important part in a man’s daily activities. Looking good is important for going to work, socializing, attending events, and many more, and good appearance creates long-lasting impression. You might not enjoy flaunting your appearance too much, but following basic fashion tips is helpful to create positive image.


5 Best Men’s Fashion Clothing Basic Tips

No matter what style you prefer for yourself, follow these men’s fashion clothing basic tips to get you through your wardrobe changing every day:

  • Have basic staples to mix and match in your wardrobe. By having basic staples, you can dress up quickly if you need to, or mix and match them if you want to look different. Staples for men’s fashion include long-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt (patterned or solid-colored), t-shirt, denim pants, tailored pants, jacket, classic sweater, and at least one tailored suit for special occasion.
  • Have some accessories. Even if you like to go simple, standard accessories should be available at home, including watches, sunglasses, cap, and ties. They can improve your look significantly and also have practical functions.
  • Balance the neutral and colorful. Whether you like dressing up or prefer simplicity, you should balance your neutral-colored items and colorful items. Have more neutral-colored items for basic staples, and fewer colorful items to give some color to your look.
  • Balance the patterned and the solid-colored. Do not too focused on solid-colored items just because you want to feel safe, but do not go overboard on patterns just because you want to look different. Make sure to create balanced look, such as pairing plain shirt with patterned ties, or plain jacket with striped t-shirt.
  • Relate your wardrobe content with your daily activities. Men’s fashion clothing options must be related to what you do every day. If you work at office, stock formal clothes along with casual pieces. If you are a freelancer, stock clothes that can be considered as semi formals, plus some formal and dressy clothes for special occasions.
These tips are applicable whether you prefer formal, semi formal, sporty, or casual personal style.

How to Wear Men’s Fashion Clothing Items
Once you get all the necessary items in your wardrobe, do not forget to wear them properly. One of the most important things to do by everyone is: match your clothes with the event. Many people make mistakes of wearing inappropriate clothes to various events or places, and even opt for casuals in every single event or place they come to. Even if you are not a dandy type, it is still important to match your clothes with events, and this is why you should at least have items you must wear to formal occasions, such as tailored suits or dressy shirt.

Another important tip is to always look clean and neat. No matter what personal style you pick, never sport any stained t-shirt, wrinkled shirt, or suit with frayed seams. Men’s fashion clothing options may not be too complicated, but they must also be neat and proper.

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