How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Wallet

Many people associate healthy eating with high grocery shopping cost, but how to eat healthy is in fact not that difficult. You can plan balanced, healthy menu every day to cook at home, but without spending too much money on grocery shopping. Choosing cheaper products is not the only way to cook; with some smart shopping and cooking tips, you can save some pennies and bucks and even find some extra in your wallet!


Tips of How to Eat Healthy and Cheap

Whether you buy and cook for two or five family members, here are some great tips of how to eat healthy without spending too much money:

  • Plan your meal for a week. This is especially useful if you cook every day. By planning, you can shop efficiently, and there will be smaller risk of uneaten foods left in the fridge. You can also buy the same main ingredients for different dishes, such as the versatile chicken, spinach and potatoes, to save money on raw ingredients.
  • Be alert on sale. Always look for discount news from various stores and supermarkets near you, especially for bulk items to cook healthy foods such as potatoes, eggs, milk, low fat butter, and various fruits. Special events such as Mother’s Day or New Year sometimes present various opportunities to buy on-sale products, including ingredients you need for healthy food.
  • Buy lean meat such as lean beef cuts or chicken breast. Since they have little fat, they only need to be cooked with small fire and short amount of time. Plus, they can be used in various recipes, so you will not get bored with the same dishes.
  • Buy the whole chicken. This meat is cheap, easy to cook, and way cheaper than if you buy it in cuts.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Eating seasonable fruits and veggies are how to eat healthy because you can get cheaper prices for fresh produces, which are healthier than canned fruits or vegetables.
These common shopping tips may sound simple, but you will be surprised of extra bucks and pennies that you can get at the end of the month.

Other Tips for How to Eat Healthy and Cheap
Tips to save some money on healthy eating are not just related to grocery shopping. There are many other things you can do to save money on healthy meal. Use filtered water jug instead of buying individual bottled water; this is way cheaper and can reduce the amount of trash at home. Be varied in cooking methods; baking and steaming can be healthier than deep-frying, stir-frying spends only short time, and they can make simple ingredients taste delicious in everyday meal. If you have spare time, you can do “One Month Cooking,” in which you prepare meals for a month during a week, and keep them in individual boxes in the fridge.

How to eat healthy is not always expensive and troublesome; with some modifications and easy tricks, you can buy healthy foods and cook healthy meal every day without breaking the wallet.

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