Healthy Living Tips for Family during Hot Weather

Hot wave that recently happened in several countries demanded families to apply healthy living tips to go through the heat safely. Hot weather is not just about inconvenience; there are many health problems that can happen from such weather, from dehydration and skin problems (caused by UV exposure) to heatstroke and hyperthermia. The health risks are bigger for children and the elderly, and also for people who have active physical habits in daily basis. Many institutions from various countries even release tips for people to face hot weather or heat wave. You can also apply these health tips to keep your family healthy during hot weather.


Healthy Living Tips for Kids and Teens

Kids and teens are usually active during summer or hot weather, and dehydration as well as skin problems from UV exposure are common risks for them. Here are some healthy living tips to protect kids and teens from heat-related risks:

  • Make sure kids and teens drink enough water, at least 2 liters per day. Provide water bottle or container with adequate capacity for them to consume at school or club.
  • Provide various drinks such as cold juice and milk for them at home, so they will not get bored of drinking water all the time. However, avoid any beverages that contain caffeine, such as tea or coffee.
  • Make sure the kids and teens use sunscreen products that have enough SPF and mild formula suitable for their skin. If they are allergic to certain chemicals or ingredients, read the labels carefully to choose the product or consult a dermatologist.

You cannot stop kids and teens from having outdoor activities, but make sure they bring hats. Also, remind them to take a break between the activities to take a rest under the shade.

Healthy Living Tips for the Elderly
Kids and teens usually have more resilient than elderly people during hot weather, so here are healthy living tips if you have elderly family members:
  • Prepare loose, comfortable clothes made of cotton or other sweat-absorbing materials for them to wear.
  • Make sure the elderly family members drink enough water in a day. Eating soup, broth, or fruits that contain much water such as orange or watermelon can also help providing liquid for the body. However, avoid caffeinated beverages.
  • Make sure the house has good air circulation. If an elderly family member experiences symptoms such as dizziness, flushed skin or having rapid heartbeats, bring him/her to a shaded room with good air circulation (if you do not have air-conditioned room).
  • If you are outside (or if the elderly family member is outside), think to go to shaded place or a building with air conditioner (mall, bookstore, supermarket) when the symptoms of heat-related illness start to appear.
Any household that is located in areas with hot weather should keep ice packs, lots of water and room with good air circulation to prepare for heat-related illness or condition. By applying these healthy living tips, all your family members can stay healthy and active even during particularly hot weather or heat wave.

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