Healthy Food Guide for Choosing Delicious, Nutritious Snacks

Healthy eating does not mean you cannot eat snacks anymore; proper healthy food guide actually recommends you to eat snacks. Proper snack foods can help you quenching hunger pang between meal times, and preventing overeating when you have your meal. Nutritious snacks also give extra nutrition in your daily diets without adding excessive calories. With good eating guide, you can enjoy daily diet with delicious snacks that are not always vegetable sticks with dip.


Healthy Food Guide for 100 Calorie-Snacks

Eating veggie sticks or jelly is understandably not satisfying. However, there are many delicious snacks that actually just have 100 calories while still being delicious. Here is healthy food guide list so you can consume snacks that only add 100 calories to your daily nutritious intake:

  • 6 plain crackers with 2 tablespoons of low fat peanut butter. Small combination of carbohydrate and plant-based protein is quite fulfilling between meal times, and peanut butter is satisfying for your tongue.
  • Half sandwich with turkey slice, low fat mustard, tomatoes, and lettuce. If you eat one instead of half, the sandwich can also be a part of light breakfast or lunch.
  • A package of non-fat yoghurt. If plain yoghurt is not exciting, add some crushed nuts of your choice or fruit slices such as strawberries or kiwi.
  • A serving of sugar free Jell-O with 2 tablespoons of low fat whipped cream. Do not add extra sugar or syrup, but if you need extra flavors, add some tart-flavored fruits.
  • Two handfuls of chocolate-covered raisins or a handful of plain animal crackers.
These snacks can be consumed between breakfast and lunch, or during “dangerous hours” at office (after lunch but before you go home for dinner).

Healthy Food Guide for Quick-Grabbing Snacks

Busy people tend to have difficulties in regulating their daily diet. Just because you are super busy, does not mean that you should not pay attention to what snacks you grab when you are leaving. Here is healthy food guide to help you preparing light, low calorie, nutritious snacks even when you are in a hurry:

  • Prepare zipper or Ziploc bag at home. These are useful to keep snacks such as baked potato slices, turkey sandwich, tortilla chips, or mixed nuts, without being strewn about or taking up much space.
  • If you have no time to prepare substantial snacks, prepare stacks of low fat granola bars or soy snacks at home. When you have no time even just to prepare sandwich, grab one or two of them.
  • If you want more substantial snacks, prepare warm soup container to bring your favorite vegetable soup. Even if you do not have time to make the soup, you can still bring low fat, low sodium microwave soup in this container.
  • Put some dark chocolate bar, plain crackers and peanut butter jar, or granola bars in your office drawers for quick munch between meetings and busy periods.

Enjoying healthy snacks is the key to commit to healthy eating without torturing yourself. The healthy food guide for healthy snacking helps you controlling the weight and calorie intake without adding excessive sugar, salt and fat.

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