Everything about Wearing Shorts in Men’s Fashion Styles

Shorts are common staples for summer in men’s fashion styles, but wearing them the wrong way, and you can easily commit fashion disaster. However, you cannot deny the comfort of wearing nice pair of shorts during hot weather or casual hours. As long as you wear them the right way, you can actually look great (picture Hollywood celebrities who look flawless even when going out with shorts). There are many types of men’s shorts to choose, so be wise in picking the style and match them with proper events.


Men’s Fashion Styles Dos for Shorts
Do you want to look great in shorts? Here are men’s fashion styles dos for wearing shorts:

  • Look trendy yet sophisticated with flat front shorts. Opt for neutral colors such as khaki, navy blue, stone grey, or olive. This kind of shorts is great to pair with short sleeved shirt, polo shirt, or regular t-shirt. Add sneakers or loafers with short socks, sunglasses and wristwatch, and you are managed to achieve casual celebrity look.
  • Go flashy with linen shorts. Pairing linen shorts with linen shirt (long or short-sleeved) and sunglasses is a surefire way to get perfect Hollywood look in a party that does not require formal suits, but nevertheless requires you to wear something dressy.
  • Wear broad shorts when on the beach. Broad shorts look great with tank top or t-shirt when you are on the beach, lake resort or swimming pool. This is also a good choice for beach holiday in tropical area.
How long should be the shorts? Between mid-thigh and shin is enough, but make sure to match the length with the situation and style.

Men’s Fashion Style Don’ts for Shorts
There are, also, some situations where shorts are not recommended, or short styles that are only recommended for specific places and events. Here are some men’s fashion style don’ts in wearing shorts:
  • Do not wear gym shorts for any events other than sporting, going to the gym, or hanging out at home. Gym shorts give signal that you are too lazy to look decent.
  • Avoid denim cutouts or denim shorts for summer. They have been long considered as modern faux pas, and you better wear light denim pants during summer instead of actually wearing denim shorts.
  • Pleated shorts are only for golfing. These shorts are common men’s wear staples, but usually only suitable for older men. If you are still young or are under 40 year old, wearing these shorts outside the golf club will make you look like middle aged men.
  • Pay attention to pocket ratio when wearing cargo shorts. Large pockets are more suitable for teenagers and young men, while older men should stick with cargo pants that have smaller packets. Cargo shorts with smaller, modest pockets seem more mature.
There is nothing wrong with wearing shorts especially during summer, but shorts can also make you fall into fashion disaster easily. Make sure to pick the right shorts for your men’s fashion style items, and match them with your age as well as events you visit.

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