Mens Fashion Wear Combining the Old Stuff

Being as a fashionista doesn’t mean wearing fancy clothes with the expensive price. Like the mens fashion wear that is not always come from the expensive brand. There are many ways to realize that being fashionable might from different styles. Combining between one style and another also is the best thing to do. In this review, all the styles are based on the latest trend.

As a man, fashion is the symbol of being a real gentleman. There’s no doubt that man prefers looking good in fashion to looking good by just having nice car. Mens fashion wear requires the good observation and comparison from every man. It becomes the kind of trend which changed anytime. Here is the list of the old stuff you can mix to make you look totally dashing;

  1. An Old Black Glasses with Navy Blazer
Whenever you want to look good using little effort, pick your navy blazer plus your white shirt. Wearing this kind of look will make every man looks handsome. Do not forget to wear your black-stripe glasses. It is easy to make this look works for everyone, as long as you have the navy blazer.

  1. Light Blue-Shirt with Brown Jeans
If you want to wear a simple style, then pick your light blue shirt to be combined with the brown jeans. It is the kind of look that has been there for quite some time and never grew old. You can go to the party wearing this style or go to a date with your loved ones.

  1. White Shirt with Blue Jeans
Another combination using simple shirt is this one. On your closet, there must be white shirt that makes you feel to go to an interview. But wait, the white shirt will look fine if you combine with the blue jeans and a sneaker. Make this look to be worn on this weekend. Party hard with your friend using the simple theme for your clothes.

  1. A Cashmere Look
Who says cashmere look makes you look older? Well, if you can pull of this style, you will totally look fine. There are many reasons to keep your cashmere sweater stays on the closet. There is no reason to throw off your clothing because it looks old.

Have you ever tried mixing the styles above? Well, there are many ways to make you look good with the simple way like what everyone else does. It is the time for you to make it too.

Mens Fashion Wear a Finishing Style
While you put your attention on the mens fashion wear, what is another thing that you can use to look fashionable? Put your oxford shoes on while wearing the good color of your socks. Nowadays, oxford shoes are the choice for a man to look suave. You can also use your classic sneakers as the choice to go to the party.

Mens fashion wear is the good thing to know to make you feel better. Now, it is the time to go to your closet and choose the right one.

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